Poll: Will wumpus ever pay off his mail order bride?

A more relevant question …

Then again, who hasn’t pre-ordered Lila for November? I heard she comes with free frozen yogurt.

Just to clarify, would a very young, very little English speaking, just-flew-in-from-the-Philipines woman who you only met twice before you married count as a mail order bride? If so, then my father-in-law has one :roll:

My wife (who’s 32) has a half-sister who is 5 or 6 now. Crazy stuff.


Best. Poll. Ever.

This one’s for you Murph. Die, wumpus!

Laugh now, boys, but when “Maturity, by Wumpus” is riding up the New York Times bestseller list, you’ll all be suckin’ it down John Romero-style.