Pool Nation - now on PC

Nothing makes me more skeptical than a new billiards game but after poking around and finding some positive reviews of the XBLA version, I decided to take the $9.99 risk on Steam this weekend.


It controls great (I’m using a gamepad,) looks terrific, offers a pretty deep selection of game types and tourneys, plus there are some cool extras like challenges and unlockable decals, ball sets, etc. I’m hooked. I just wish it offered straight pool.

By far the best pool simulation since the Virtual Pool series way back when. If you groove on the physics of colliding spheres, check it out stat!

Wow that’s pretty.

Those are so shiny they look like xmas ornaments! :)

I just played VP3 a few months ago, and I was amazed at how much fun I had. If you missed the craze a decade ago but always wanted to check out a pool game, don’t be afraid to give one a try.

I have this, it’s superb. As I pre ordered I get the trick Box DLC for free which is due soon. they also have snooker coming for it as well (as a UK person that really appeals even more than Pool)

For £5 it’s a superb price. There are loads of tournaments, lots of unlocks like cues, tables and different ball designs. I am half way through my first 8 ball tournament.
If anyone fancies a game and time suits (uk again) give me a shout, i’m Reemul on steam.

Just to add I played my 6 year old son tonight and let him have the aiming aid on and he beat from break with a full table clear without giving me a shot. He thinks he’s the bee’s knees now.

I loved virtual pool back in the day. Will have to give this a shot. (pun not intended)

Jeez, if you’re so into the game you could, at the very least, provide a link.

Well if you cant find a game on Steam you do need help ;)

But nice link, trailer is pretty impressive as well.

Somehow you made a perfectly nice post sound hyper-critical and rude. Thanks for the link?

I did this once, years ago, and people jumped down my throat for not including a link. I guess I’m just continuing the cycle of abuse.


I don’t care about pool, but if it looks like this, I can’t wait for the snooker version!