PoP:TTT: Peed Skills

So, yeah, I am playing merrily along speed-killing everything in sight, I love it, it’s great. Then I finally get into the city itself, and there are sand guards and sand gates all over, and suddenly I can’t speed kill a fucking thing. It’s like they changed the technique on me in some subtle way and now I’m blowing it where before I was nailing it.

What’s the secret with the sand guards? At the moment I’m at the second sand gate, poised for a double-speed-kill on two guards and then sneak up on the big guy. But I can’t kill the first two. Maybe I get one or two speed hits (out of the four necessary – stab, jump, stab, jump back, stab, jump again, stab). Then my rhythm goes wrong or something and whacko.

Do I need to press and release X during the speed-blur moment? Is there some other kind of subtle trick like that?


Damn, ain’t no help for a brutha. Well, it’s OK, I tried again last night, and yep, it’s subtle timing. Gotta pop that X button really quickly (but not TOO quickly) – have to press and release well within the window of blurry speedkillness. And then you’re good.

Looks like I titled the thread all wrong or something…

I never had any trouble with it at all. Action stops, sound goes WHOOSH, press the button, stabstabstab. Played it on PC, but I doubt it’s any different on whatever you’re playing on

Yeah, don’t know quite what my problem was. Maybe one of those subconscious twitch skills that you have to sleep on for a while before it sinks in… or something. I know that I probably wasn’t releasing the button fast enough. Oh well, at least I’m probably still better than Dungsroman :-D

You can always just run up the walls vertically and attack.

Solves most fighting problems. Apparently swords and daggers are much more powerful like that.