Portal 2 Spoiler Thread

Only non-spoiler post right here. Stop reading. Really.

WTF, dude? Did I name the thread too amusingly, or something?

My gripes:

  1. Didn’t care for the see-through walls re: portals. Broke immersion.
  2. Didn’t care for the load screens. Broke immersion.
  3. . . . I would complain about consolitis, and there was a bit of that with no fast-shot puzzles to speak of, but the difficulty kept ramping up until there were several puzzles I wasn’t sure I could figure out.

Everything else was all I expected and more. the various gel puzzles were a great innovation, the funnels were somehow annoying but made for good puzzles, and burning turrets with the laser was damned satisfying. i reached a point where I was happy with the length of the game, and there was still 40% left. If they manage to tie this back into Half-Life then I’ll quit video games happy.


Sorry, I looked but didn’t search. I suck, delete thread plzokthks.