POS Norton AV

So an old girlfriend bought the 2007 Norton Security Center blah blah blah piece of shit bloatware. She leaves for work and leaves me with the task of installing this pos. Took me half my morning first trying to remove the old version because the new version wouldn’t install over it. Damn thing hung during the uninstall. Now the system is hosed, and other apps are bitchin on a restart. Fuck me.

Finally after beating my head against the wall for about an hour, I loaded up symantec.com. Ever try to navigate that fucking site? I guess a pos product like NAV calls for a site that you can’t find a fucking answer to anything. Eventually I found, downloaded and installed a removal program that actually did a good job wiping the whole system of anything Nortons. WTG Pete!

Now I get 2007 NAV/SC POS installed and I can’t just leave the ole gf without doing a full scan since that thing kept lighting up my screen with a red X ALERT! Oh my. So I run a full scan and damn if I don’t forget to first remove all the temp internet crap that the ex has been building up for 2 years. So I kill it, re-run the scan and after about 2 hours after it finishes scanning a billion files, it’s done.

Of course the firewall piece of the pos hasn’t yet been fully trained, so I can’t wait until she calls me asking whether what to do everytime it pops up with a question about access.

NAV, what a scam. And the same goes for McAfee. These scam artists have brainwashed the public into thinking their pos products will save their cyber world. What a crock.

Bring on the fucking viruses. I’d rather deal with that, or better yet, just wipe the OS.

Scam I tell ya.

It’s not a scam, nontechnical users need a firewall and antivirus these days. Norton just happens to be shitty software. Next time buy kaspersky.

I agree that there are a lot of annoyances with Norton’s software, but I’ve been using them for many years and haven’t had any trouble with them (or, at least, nothing but the usual glitches that I have experienced with any other piece of software from time-to-time). I wholeheartedly agree about their site being incredibly unintuitive, but they have no interest in improving their products (what’s with the idiotic tiny windows for everything?) let alone their site so I’m not surprised.

I only say that, btw, because I’m going to be installing NIS 2007 (and the add-on) within the next few days to replace NIS 2006. I like chancing fate. Bring it on!

Did she pay you for your time in sexual favors, and was it worth it?

If yes, please provide pics.

McAfee and Norton are an OS’s worst nightmare… almost up there with AOL. My condolences to you.

It may be true that “McAfee and Norton are an OS’s worst nightmare” but people learn from experience. If I haven’t encountered any big issues after, let’s see, must be at least 12-15 years since Norton Utilities for DOS/Win 3.1 (somewhere in there), then I’m not one to be convinced in the short term just because someone else said different. I’m no fan of the companies, and have no specific loyalty to them, I just don’t see a reason to switch. If Norton stopped protecting my system against something or it started causing problems, then that’d be a time to think about moving on.

You’d think that after years of people claiming how bad the products are, I’d have noticed something. Nope, they keep chugging away just fine.

Sure, people love sticking to the status quo. But since you’re about to switch editions anyway, why not try Kaspersky for at least a little while? You’ll probably find you like it even more.

No, people don’t love sticking to the status quo (at least, I don’t). I just have to have a reason to switch to something different other than someone saying to do so. I already have NIS 2007 (purchased weeks ago) so no point in trying out another product now. Besides, Kaspersky IS, according to the site, is more expensive than upgrading NIS by almost twice as much. I’ll keep it in mind for my next round, though. Considering Vista’s going to change a lot of these products, things are going to be very different in a short while anyway.