Post or link to your photos from E3 here

Anyone else take photos at E3? Link to 'em here! If you need hosting, I recommend Image Shack.

I posted a bunch of photos here, plus I took 3 pictures of the giant Katamari that Namco had set up in the West Hall. Over the course of the expo they added more and more junk to it.

Wednesday morning:

Wednesday evening:

And Thursday afternoon:

Anybody got pictures of what it looked like Friday afternoon? I wasn’t there that day.

Cool Katamari. But they really should have affixed a couple of geeks and booth babes to it for full effect.

Hellgate, the game I am looking forward to most after E3

Mario busting a move at Dance Dance. He was actually very good, especially for being stuffed inside a giant mario costume.

Crappy picture of HOMM. Looked very good, hopefully it will play as good.

And two crappy pictures of the Katamari ball on friday afternoon. It looks like it lost some things…