" Post Your System Specs Thread "

Why did you get one of the stupid, ugly mustangs?


My Xbox is black.

I am not entirely clear as to what is going on in this thread, but I know I like it.

So is Hugin, thus my disbelief that he is being truthful with us.

speaking of posting things in the wrong forum…

Hey U2K, how’s that Dreamcast revival thing going? When you gonna have that ready to launch, man?

I still remember you folks from one of my all time favorite forums. I was thinking about signing up again, but i might get ban on sight lolz.
Anyways, to answer your question, changing the world, dreamcast comeback, its still on. Like i said a while back, i will show up and take care of business when i am ready, or as i say, show up unexpectedly and get busy changing the world, then a few weeks later, side projects, i will sit down with some important folks, set up everything, and bring back the dreamcast , not to compete against the new systems, just something for the fans.
All of this is still planned out.

Peace, and hope everything is cool in your world. Ask the admin can i come back , i am different man, same views of course, but more calm. Wait a min, i was calm before i got banned, infact i wasn’t even posting for a month before i got banned, so i got banned when i disappeared. Oh and btw, i am not a troll and i am dead serious about the stuff which i use to talk about, i think that depression thread got me banned tho, but i just don’t see it as sickness, more of a mood, or a issue within yourself. I was just saying, you can’t compare depression to something like Aids or cancer or something.
Anyways, peace :)


u2K, i don’t understand a word you say

Can we post dinosaurs yet?

This is so full of win, it hurts.

Wait for it… wait for it…

Dinosaurs are like the slow-clap. You have to wait until the time is right, and when that moment comes, Angie Gallant will post it right before you pull the trigger.

I approve of all activities within and related to this thread. Not that anyone could give a shit, but if you’re looking for awards to pimp, I’ll be happy to provide.

Aww, that’s sweet. Peace to you too.

The dilemma this presents is whether Angie knows when the best time to post is or if the best time to post is defined as when Angie starts it.

Do not question Angie Gallant.