" Post Your System Specs Thread "

You might consider getting a better video card.

Yes aim for a Radeon 4870.

My fast wife:

My commuter wife:

They are night and day.

Hanzii wins!
Perfect victory!

No, thats alright.

I only want video cards that do not require anything to be connected to it. So if i do end up buying the 4670 , it doesn’t require a connector, which is cool with me.

I vote this woman, because thats your real wife, the other woman is not.

Hanzii posted that picture…Not me.
This is fun…

I wasn’t questioning Angie, I was questioning the nature of reality itself.

How did this guy ever get approved? He was a proven joke/troll character on GG, OO, and GT, and he managed to get banned from every single one of those sites. I think several times it was for bashing AIDS patients, gays, and claiming depression was a state of mind.

He also has indicated he is black, white, hispanic, Tupac Shakur, has hundreds of millions, lives in a mansion in Beverly Hills, was going to be on TV but apparently never was, and had plans to revive the dreamcast through private funding and his own one person software studio to make the games.

That’s just a few career highlights.

He’s a very pervasive, persistent, slow moving cancer of sheer annoyance.

Don’t be hatin’.

I suppose next you’ll tell us Judge Floro isn’t real either.

Night and day how? If I had those two cars I’d have to make sure they were different colors so I could tell them apart.

My rig is Optimus Prime, yo! He walks in and I be all “What up, rigga?” and he’s like “Til all are one!”. He’s sort of a dork.

I remember when I was fifteen and on the internet.

Wow, how old are you? When I was fifteen, the Internet was only a twinkle in Al Gore’s sperm.

This thread is… unexpected. Are we being redirected to another, lesser forum? Or did someone leave the catflap open again?

Going on 30. I was hedging dates for effect. I didn’t actually have solid access to the internet until I was 18.

I was on the Internet when I was 16 and I’m 35 now. It is sometimes funny to go look at Deja/GoogleGroups at old usenet posts I made way back when and see how stupid, or, er, more stupid, I was back then.


Do not listen to this man.

I’m Canadian. There wasn’t an internet till pretty much 95, since before then, it was all specialty services which didn’t work in Canada. WWW was the beginning of the accessible net in Canada unless you were willing to pay the long distance charges.