So there’s some big news stirring about a new project from JK Rowling, mysteriously titled “Pottermore,” which will officially be announced next week.

The Leaky Cauldron (preeminent Potter blog) is reporting that it’s seen whatever the project is and describes it as “breathtaking.” Also, word is that it isn’t a book.

A Youtube channel, Twitter feed, and landing page have all been set up for the big reveal.

Who wants to bet MMORPG?

FYI, I read that Rowling outright said that this wont’ be new potter books, or at least not new novels. Which is about the only thing I’m interested in.

My money is on some kind of Potterverse wikipedia, but more interactive and graphical.

Interesting. Without more books, though, that runs the risk of becoming stale rather fast, doesn’t it? Would that mean A) more original content from her or B) moderated user-generated material?

Not I. A Harry Potter MMO would be handled by EA, and they have their MMO plate full for now with SW:TOR.

I’d put my bet on an animated series or the long-awaited Encyclopedia of the Potterverse.

What the Dune Encyclopedia was never allowed to be?

Interesting thought on the animated series. Would it be the continued adventures of the Potter children? Or, a la the Tartakovsky Clone War series, filling in the bits in between the chronicled action?

I’d imagine a post-Voldemort world to be a bit like the one in Lev Grossman’s The Magicians

I would guess it would either fill in bits between or maybe follow James Potter’s school career.

I know EA has done the movie adaptation games, but were they involved in LEGO Harry Potter at all? It depends on how broad EA’s contract is and I could see an MMO not based explicitly on the films being handled completely by Warner Brothers Interactive.

Actually, yeah, the LEGO games are published by Warners alone, so maybe the MMO license could be handed to whoever they wanted to hand it to.

I still don’t think that’s it, though. Or at least I hope it isn’t, because that seems like a really bad idea in today’s MMO market.

Based on the name, it’s got to be something meta rather than an addition to the fiction.

Extremely fancy digital versions which look like magic books in the series, including dynamic content? ARG?

Part of it may be previously unpublished backstories of various characters, histories of places etc. that Rowling probably wrote as part of her process for writing the books. Maybe a few flash games.

It’s a reference to “The Battle of Evermore” on Led Zeppelin IV. Rowling has hired Plant and Page to re-record the entire album with Hogwarts-themed lyrics. “Stairway to Quidditch” is the other confirmed title so far.

Official cosplay site?

Finally, an official Harry Potter themed dating site!

I was thinking about the name as well. It could just be the internal project name (eg - Project Natal) or, given the stylization of it on the webpage, the actual product title.

If it’s the latter I’m inclined to agree that it has to be some sort of encyclopedia or content continuation. I’d hope for something a bit more dynamic, though.

Harry Potter + Rushmore…?

“Welcome to Pottermore! A planned community.”

“I saved Hogwarts. What did you ever do?”

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  2. Misty Mountain Floo
  3. Four Broomsticks
  4. Going to Hogsmeade
  5. When the Wand Breaks
  1. Apparate On
  2. Whole Lotta Love Potion
  1. Gryffindor Stomp
  2. Muggle Song
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