Pre-orders from Amazon

Amazon has a better price on the Bioshock 2 Collector’s Edition than Gamestop does, so I’m considering ordering from there. But do they ship early enough so that you receive the game on release day, or do they ship on release day?


They usually specify ‘release-date delivery’ if they offer it — if they do, then you’ll get it on release day. Otherwise they’ll ship on release day.

Looks like they don’t offer release date shipping for Bioshock, though, which kinda sucks.

My preorder is tagged as ‘Shipping Speed: Two-Day Shipping’, while my ME2 preorder says ‘Shipping Speed: Release-Date Delivery’.

I’ve seen games switched to release date delivery as late as a week before release so there is a chance that they will offer it for Bioshock 2.

Everytime you buy from Gamestop God kills a kitten.

Why did no one tell me this before? Damn kittens.

Thanks, guys. I’ll keep an eye on the Amazon item to see if they switch their shipping plan. Otherwise it’s sayonara, kitty!

After reading this thread, I went back to my ME2 order and checked it out. I have Amazon Prime, so always let orders default to free 2-day shipping.

Lo and behold, I was allowed to change the shipping method to 1-day shipping ($3.99) or release day shipping (free.) And this, two days before release date. I thought that was pretty cool.

I haven’t had much luck on Amazon for pre-orders. They used to get them to me right on release, but lately as others have noted, I’ve seen them ship them as late as 5-days or so after release. Very annoying.

Yeah, it looks like they have release date shipping available for Mass Effect 2 now.

I’ve also not had great experiences with Amazon preorders. If the game doesn’t have release date delivery, don’t bother if you want it on day 1. With release date delivery, it’s pretty reliable, and they will refund your shipping if you don’t have it day 1, but that is cold comfort if you want your game.

I’ve had problems with 3/9 release day shipments, including Assassin’s Creed 1 that took an extra 3 days and the Rock Band Special Edition. But all of the recent ones have been here, although sometimes as late as 8pm thanks to the damned UPS guy deciding to give my package a grand tour before redelivering to my building. I mention that because new game release days I tend to come home a bit early and waiting around then really sucks.

It’s also cold comfort if you have Amazon Prime and the release date shipping is free. That said, I’ve not had problems the once or twice it’s activated for me.

No, the only time I’ve had any problem with Amazon shipments was when UPS decided for no goddamn reason that I had moved, delaying a package by several days and into the weekend while I tried to get that sorted out. That was exciting, because the only option UPS has for making things right is to refund the shipping cost. Even if I hadn’t had Prime, thus making the shipping cost zero, the refund would have gone to Amazon because they’re the ones who shipped the item. :P

Release day shipping gets the game there on release day and at a cheaper price ($5.99 or free for Prime members) than what one usually pays for One Day shipping. One Day Shipping will still get you the game on release day, but you don’t get the special pricing.