Prefuse 73 Preparations

He’s growing up a bit with this release. There are still those uniquely Prefuse tracks that skip all over the place like a DJ on speed. But when it comes to

Class Of 73 Bells - Featuring: “School Of Seven Bells”

We get what is probably Prefuse’s most beautiful and accessible song since Prefuse Reads the Books. It’s actually a full song, and it’s breathtakingly original and haunting.

I grabbed this, coz I was in a “what the hell, I wanna hear something different” mood. Not bad, I really like it a lot, so I’ve now stolen the rest of the Prefuse 73 stuff, it’s not bad overall.

Though, having listened to Class of 73 Bells, it’s not as original, haunting, or breathtaking as you make it out to be- it’s just a School Of Seven Bells song that has been layered over/mixed in with Prefuse 73’s backing sounds. Sure, it makes the song itself sound better than the original I think, but it’s essentially just a remix. shrug

Ah! I had no idea it was a remix. That certainly detracts from it. Also explains why it’s a full, on-track song.

Now that you’re listening to Prefuse, what do you think of Reads the Books? Pagina Dos is great, and remenicent of the breathtaking sound.