Presidential Race 2016

Ted Cruz is in. But he forgot one small detail. He doesn’t own

A 2014 Mother Jones article (via Gizmodo) says the page is owned by an Arizona attorney, and a WHOIS search confirms he’s paid up through 2017. Cruz does own, however, and we can only imagine his people are doing what they can to claim all relevant top-level domains — chief among them dot-com.

So does he own Ted

I have a feeling his people will be buying every iteration of domain name they can.

Cruzing for a bruising! ;)

Ted Cruz is a douche

What is the official Birther position on Ted Cruz?

Secret Canadian Born Communist?

.com or .org?

both, and .net, and .xxx, and .shop, and .us, and .info, and .pro…

Yes, I await their response. Should be amusing. The Donald should have something to say, even if the something he says is its ok for Cruz because…not Kenyan?

We can only hope not .gov

I believe you have to get special clearance to get .gov, such as an election…

Son of a … sigh

They admit he was born.

At this time, still available.

Their response will be to never mention it and pretend they never said anything. Unless they’re backing someone else and it looks like he might win the nomination, then they’ll “wonder” about it. But, since he has no chance of winning the nomination, they wont.

Cruz could potentially test the legal definition of “natural born citizen” which has never been officially defined by the courts. Most scholars agree that it just means having citizenship at birth, so Cruz qualifies, just like McCain did.

What’s funny is that even if Obama had not been born in the US, he still would have been a citizen by this measure. But it was moot, because he actually was born in the US. The whole birther thing with Obama was predicated on a combination of conspiracy theory and not even understanding the constitution they claimed to care so much about, since if Obama hadn’t been born in the US, then neither candidate in 2008 would have been.

From another website:

Cruz…maintained foreign citizenship until adulthood.

No, he didn’t. When he was a child, he exercised his American citizenship to move to Texas; exercising a foreign citizenship caused you to lose Canadian citizenship prior to 1977. He would have had every reason to believe he had lost his Canadian citizenship, and any attorney he asked would have confirmed that he had. The law was changed in 2009, effectively restoring his Canadian citizenship retroactively, so he then had to renounce it explicitly.

Moreover, he’s been a U.S. citizen for his entire life, so he is a natural born citizen.


Cruz was born in a foreign country, had one foreign parent, and maintained foreign citizenship until adulthood. More than half the people who agree with his positions are on record stating that such a person is ineligible to be president. If people were consistent at all, his candidacy couldn’t last more than a week or two.

That Ted Cruz is neither black nor a Democrat, so all is well.

But Cruz sounds like a brown people name.

That confused the Birthers for a while, but then Fox News told them that light skinned half white/half Hispanics from Texas who try to make the US default on its debt are heroes, and that was good enough for them.