Primary browser?

Yeah, I know there are various stats on this web-wide, but I’m curious where the QT3 population stands.

(Tom may have stats on this for QT3, but I’m in a poll-happy mood…)


Firefox. I have chrome installed but I still like Firefox.

Fluctuating between Chrome and Firefox.

Firefox is much more functional, smooth, moddable, and mature, while Chrome doesn’t crash as much. Given those two statements, it’d appear that FF would be the clear choice, but it’s lately been crashing, at minimum, once a day for me.

I also find it hilarious that both of these browsers routinely use more of my 4GB of RAM than most of the games I play.

IE8 is still my primary browser though I do use Chrome and Firefox fairly often as well.

My work has IE, Firefox AND Chrome all going through a proxy that tracks and restricts web usage and I can’t disable it. For some reason Opera does not have the proxy enabled which is why i use it.

Firefox at work, Chrome at home.

Safari because I use a Mac and Firefox is a pokey pig on the Mac and Chrome isn’t quite there yet.

Have you tried it recently? My wife is on the beta channel, and she’s been using it as her primary browser for about a month now.

I mean, it’s definitely worse than the Windows version (for one thing, it has a clunky old-fashioned menu bar, but that’s pretty much mandated by the platform), but it seems very solid.

Chrome for the speed.

IE8 at work, Firefox at home. Chrome’s not there yet.

Chrome at home, Pale Moon at work.

Firefox here, I’ve installed Chrome on both Windows and Mac but I miss my addons. Chrome does seem much faster though.

If chrome had better mouse gestures addons, I would use it. As is, I find it too annoying-- but I check up on the addons’ status every month or so. I’d like to switch.

I’m totally snitching out Denny and Jason to the “higher ups.” :)

Firefox on any PC I control until MS shows me they can make a browser that’s not constantly vulnerable to hijinks. Safari for the few sites that choke or crash on Firefox.

If you care about security, most things I’ve read say that IE8 is more secure than Firefox. (And Chrome more than either.)

Thanks for mentioning Pale Moon. It’s not locked into my work proxy like firefox is.

Wow, I.E. is nearly dead among the presumably relatively tech-aware folks here at QT3. It fared similarly poorly in the older poll that Tim linked to.