Prime Day

Reminds me of this:

Huh. On paper, that movie looks like a guaranteed home run, but at some point it evidently went completely pear-shaped.

It was so weird, and I have memories of so many scenes that I can’t forget it. :D

You know, that actually looks like something that you’d see in one of those vintage advertisement collections, along with ladies’ bustles, hydropneumatic artificial limbs, and moustache wax.

I’ve been eyeing a 62-finger model, but after watching the video in the product photo list, I’m sold!

This one?

I’ve been eyeing an Instant Pot for a long while, and there’s a pretty decent Prime Day discount, so I pulled the trigger. Rather alarmingly, this is the photo on my order tracking page:

Amazon order

Instapots are great, you’ll love it if you can find some recipes that work for you.

Your instant pot looks waaay more comfortable than mine…

Favorite things I cook in my instant pot:
Indian food

This is the instant pot recipe.

Apparently this works TWICE , once for a physical gift card and once for a digital giftcard replenish.

Mentioned here:

So I am in for another free $10 Bezos bucks.

Not sure I want physical gift cards. Too easy to forget about.

But nice to know.

Added it to your account the day it arrives.

So, after the Prime Sale is over, and in the mean time I give Amazon a small interest free loan, which I could lose or somehow misplace.

It’s really hard to figure out what is actually sold by Amazon. I have two credits, and both require that you buying Amazon Stuff. Things shipped by Amazon is not the same thing.

Not sure what device/interface you are using, but through their full website underneath the Add to Cart and Buy Now buttons you should see the seller name.


Okay, but that all happens after you select a product.

It’s helpful, but I don’t want to look through crap that Amazon is not selling to get to it.

I found a toggle at the very bottom. Lets see if that helps me.