Prison Break

Alan Dunkin mentioned that the pilot for this show was leaked, so I found it and watched it (and beat him to creating this thread). It was good overall, but there looked to be a few too many ancillary plotlines. Specifically, the stuff with the son/nephew looks like it’ll be pointless and stupid, and the stuff with the Secret Service agents looks like it’ll be crazy and stupid.

But I would like to see more of the show.

You… bastard.

Heh, I probably won’t watch it till the weekend, I’m a bit behind on Doctor Who and The Shield since I spent the previous weekend watching Veronica Mars. All of it.

— Alan

This was very enjoyable. It had the believability and feeling of quality that I wish The Inside had.

Not sure I am convinced about the older brother’s acting ability. Whatever I see him in, he always seems to be acting himself and differs little. But I do like him as an actor regardless.

Watched it last night. I agree completely; it has a lot of potential and I like it, except for the two really stupid subplots - the nephew and the Secret Service stuff. Retarded. I hate grand conspiracies… and for the VP’s brother? Please. Even if there is something else… uh. The USSS running around gunning people down ala Absolute Power smacks of sillyness.

I also didn’t understand how exactly the map is supposed to work, I’m hoping that’s something that’s not complete and shows up better when it finally airs - the lines don’t even appear to be hidden on the art. It just draws out of nothing. It’s not even obfuscated.

— Alan

I’m bumping my thread rather than the more recent one because, hey, it’s my thread.

The season finale was tonight and it was just fuck awesome. This show has completely blown 24 out of the water this season, due in large part to its more fully-developed characters.

If you didn’t watch this show, you owe it to yourself to rectify that, especially since it seems that a second season is assured.

prison break is great. it’s on my pvr/torrent list


Season Two is being filmed in & around Dallas apparently.

— Alan

Is it just me, or does the prison doctor woman look like a grown-up version of Katharine Mcphee?

One of the better “wrap it up” season finales of any show I’ve seen. Very enjoyable and it closes the book on the prison chapter and opens a who new chapter for season two where they will be on the run.

One thing that I don’t get though. Even as they inch closer to revealing the real story behind Lincoln’s frame-up, it’s all moot at this point. Even if he’s proven innocent of any crimes he’s still going to get 10 years for the escape, possibly more if any of the guys he escaped with end up killing someone. I see no way short of a totally contrived “full presidential pardon” for this show to “end” happily.

You mean besides watching the sun set and sipping mohitos on his own private island/south american beach?

Well, there is that. But that assumes he gets the money that the old guy had stashed away. I’m thinking Season Two will be all about them being on the run, with different perspectives from the different escapees. It will end with a resolution to the whole Lincoln frame-up thing. Then Season Three can be all about a race between the cons to find and get away with the $5 million. If that creepy guy shows up with a robotic hand at some point, I’m done watching… =)