Probably cutting the TV cord soon--advice?


If you have friends or family, YTTV is pretty great as they can glom off your subscription for free with their own separate accounts and DVR.


Thanks for re-linking this. I’ll be trying YTTV over the weekend and expect the answer will be made by Monday of next week.

Oooh, one minor nitpick. I didn’t see that after picking channels it was showing me YTTV + Philo. I guess we will see how that works out. My guess is the one or two shows on Philo just won’t be watched as much.


After resolving my issues with VOD playback, I am loving YTTV. It’s $40 a month for the base package and for reference, Verizon is charging me $50 a month JUST FOR A DVR. So screw them.


Don’t forget you can give out five other accounts completely for free by attaching them to yours. Friends, family, etc. They do technically need to be in the same area as you, but there are ways around that.


Ooh ooh, I’m great friends with Charlatan!




Do I get ads if I watch say, The Good Place, on youtube DVR?

(I really hate ads. Even manually skipping ads is annoying.)


Yes but you can fast-forward through them, just like with a cable company DVR.

The exception is CBS and CW, which force you to watch the VOD versions for a couple weeks after first airing, and you can’t skip ads on VOD.


Is it a good skip like Tivo or a bad skip like timewarner boxes?


I haven’t used a cable box since 1998, but YTTV fast-forward works like netflix, you skip forward and have little keyframes of the video over the timeline. If you’re using a remote control I believe each individual press is 15s, or you can hold it down and it accelerates the longer you hold down the button.


@susser is correct about the skip. If you’re using the app on, say, the Roku, you push the forward or backward arrow on the remote to move the time marker forward or back 15 seconds. You do see key frames of the show at that time (most of the time). When you hit the OK button on the remote, the time skips to the location the time marker is at.

On an iPad or the like there are 15s forward and back buttons, but you can also double click on the left or right of the screen - anywhere. Left goes back, right goes forward. Each additional tap adds 15 seconds to the motion. So if I tap on the right side 4 times that’s 15s (first 2 taps) + 15 seconds (tap 3) + 15 seconds (tap 4) - it advances 45 seconds. When you’re tapping like this it just goes when you tap, no need to hit any other buttons.

The disadvantage of this technique is that you don’t know where you’re going to end up, so it’s more difficult to skip commercials without landing in one a couple of times.

You can drag the time marker itself, and when you do that you see the key frame. But it’s hard as hell to get the precision you want when using your pudgy finger to drag that little red dot around.


Wasn’t sure where else to put this, want to watch F1 and there’s a new streaming service being offered by F1 themselves (well, Liberty Media actually) and I wanted to hear from anyone who has used it what the experience was like. It launched last year and initial reaction was it wasn’t completely baked, want to know if that’s still the case or not.

For reference this is what I’m talking about: