Problem with Safari-OSX 10.5.6 and passwords?

Anyone else having an issue with Safari not keeping passwords or log in names? I always have my names and passwords stored and I am for the most part automatically logged in- say here for example.

But all of a sudden starting yesterday yesterday nothing is being saved- every site I go to, I have to re-enter my name and password. I didn’t change anything or add any new programs. I thought I accidentally hit the “reset Safari” button but then the same thing happened today.

Just wondering if anyone else noticed this issue.

I get that on occasion. No idea why, presumably it’s a bug though I wouldn’t exclude the possibility that I set something (Onyx?) to automatically clear out cookies every x days/weeks and then forgot about it.

I only use it for the ADC forum and the store, but it always has my login in the box.

Did you turn on FileVault, cause it fucks with a lot of things, like file associations.

i love my 1password. i don’t use safari or firefox’s built-in password saving. <-$50 with TextExpander and Witch

Nope, haven’t changed a thing…that is the weird part. No new programs, downloads etc… it’s my work comp so a data base program, word and calendar mostly. I’ve never had an issue until this week – weird. And, nope, FileVault is off.