Project Stream


Probably not well, Chromecast isn’t latency-sensitive. Airplay is the same way.


The leaked new Chromecasts have bluetooth built in which is suspected to allow controller support specifically for this. They will design the function to not require the phone for anything after handoff which means there wouldn’t be any extra latency compared to any other wifi based device streaming the game.


I should mention re: desktop and Chromebook that switching between them is seamless. I exit one, open the other, and all my saves are right there; I can continue from exactly where I left off.


Interesting. When I think of the Fire, Roku, and Chromecast devices, I just lump them together in the same category and think one is as good as another for streaming video. If Chromecast can also be used for this service and make it work like you were playing the game on your Chromebook, that’s really a differentiating feature.


Was it mentioned if content that you completed will carry over if you buy the game from the Ubi store?

Cuz I just got my invite.

And ignore me, I should have read the fine print!

After January 15, you won’t be able to access the game anymore or your saved progress and achievements.

I am tempted to just mess around a bit, I’ll do that! :D


Yeah, but two and a half months ought to be more than enough to finish the entire game.


I haven’t checked yet, but there was a Twitch Prime goodie for the game I’m curious to see if it comes over to the Project Stream version of the game. Both are linked to the same Ubisoft account…

I tried playing on my wired desktop over the weekend. The experience was definitely better there than on wifi from my laptop. Not sure if those original issues were temporary. Was also interesting in that I have a bandwidth monitor on my second monitor so I could see how much google uses. They aren’t kidding about the 25Mbps recommendation. One of the advantages their service has right now is that they are effectively throwing more than twice the bandwidth at each stream then anyone else. Other services have typically targeted less than 10Mbps, but Google is happy to deliver more than 20 if the connection allows. It definitely helps to hide the compression artifacts.

I definitely still had a number of connection quality warnings show up, but it never showed much effect on the perceptible lag.


Ok so this streaming stuff is pretty good, but I am getting a random drop to 10-12mb/s and the screen goes all pixelated. Maybe once every 5 minutes. I have a 1gb connection so who knows what is causing it.

Glad I at least got to try AC:Ody, I am not sure how long I’ll stick with it, as I’d rather not lose all my progress, and for me this is easily a 6+ month play it on/off type of game.


Since my MO for the last few years has been to play a game pretty regularly for a couple of months, get bored somewhere between 60-80% through and shelve it for years, usually never picking it back up again, the Project Stream beta is perfect for me.


If it’s any consolation, I was getting 10 seconds of buffering every 4-5 seconds whilst trying to watch a 360p YouTube video last night.


I just played for like 5 hours. Game completely crashed once, knocking me out, but otherwise it’s been flawless.

First Assassin’s Creed I’ve played since the first one. I don’t recall all the RPG elements, and there are no actual assassination missions, but I’m enjoying the greek isles. Made it out of the starter island.

I particularly appreciate Google giving $10 in UbiBucks to buy the permanent XP boost, which many sites have said is essential to enjoy the game.


“many sites are saying…”

If those many sites in the greater Niagara Falls area told you to buy the xp boost, they either steered you wrong, or the person saying that is trying to speedrun the game…or not very far into it.

What the XP boost pretty much ensures, from what i can see, is that you’ll be level 25 running around in level 19-21 gear. I level so quickly just from doing main story missions, a few side quests, and the a couple of other in-game things that I won’t spoil that I’m constantly struggling to keep Epic and Legendary gear within 1-2 levels of my character.


When I use the in-game photo mode in Stream is that photo saved anywhere I can get to it?

I can’t find it on my machine or in the Ubi client and it’s not in the online Odyssey photography place.


I spent several frustrating minutes trying to find this out too. Per Google support, you can go to the in-game map and select the location where you took it to find the image again, but the only way to save it is to take a screenshot.


Not at all, enemies level up with you in this game. They’ll never be 2 levels below you. And from what I’ve seen so far, all gear drops at your level or 1 level higher.


With weapons and armor, you need 7 pieces of gear to equip your character. You’re not getting even gray pieces of gear to fit those seven slots each level to keep yourself geared up, and if you’re interested in not playing in buckskins and actually wearing Legendary and Epic stuff, you’re going to hose yourself by overleveling too rapidly.

And your enemies will be two levels below you in this game.


Sorry, I meant they’ll never be more than two levels below you. So far I haven’t had any difficulty keeping up with gear, but I’m only level 9.


Weirdly I couldn’t get my PrintScrn button to do anything and Shadowplay/GeForce Experience doesn’t see it either, but the free ShareX software on Steam will capture the active window and that worked fine.

My work laptop has an Intel HD Graphics 520 GPU and everything still looks good and works fine on it:

The game is a bit meh, but the Project Stream experience and quality seems really good so far.


Yeah, I think it looks great. It’s only 1080p 30fps and not the highest quality settings, but it works perfectly like that.


It’s 60fps. Or at least it’s supposed to be.