Project xCloud - Microsoft wants you to not own any games


I mean…they’re just games.


Just … games?




They’re part of our cultural history, just like movies, TV, books, plays, music, etc. And sure, not all of it will be of interest going forward, but there’s no particular need to be picky about what we preserve these days, and no telling now what people will want to revisit in future decades or centuries.


Some pretty compelling rumors showing up that MS and Nintendo are working on some huge E3 reveal for this.


I have to admit, if the Nintendo/Microsoft Game Pass rumors are true, it’s what might finally be the final push I need to get a Switch.


Waaaaaaiiiitt what?


Same! Whats this?



Just got the Xbox pass during the $2 sale a week or so ago. If they somehow allow crossplay with some of those titles on the Switch I might actually use my Switch again.


Holy crapola. I’d definitely get a Switch if that happened.


A few places have started buzzing about this.

-100% confirmed. MS will talk about their vision for Xbox, xCloud, Game Pass at GDC.

  • 90% sure this is true. MS and Nintendo have had talks about getting something Xbox on a Nintendo platform, Switch being the obvious thing.

  • Not sure how true, but MS and Nintendo may have come to some agreement already.

  • Forza, Halo, Sea of Thieves on Switch?

  • Might be select Game Pass titles.

  • Might be using xCloud.


What if it also goes the other way and GamePass/(xCloud store?) includes streaming Nintendo games on Xbox? Hmm…


Seems much less likely.



Image is not displaying for me. Is it Pikachu?


Couldve been, lol.

Jeff Bridges as The Dude ecstatic face.jpg


I would definitely prefer a Switch to an Xbox.


Check it out folks, hell has frozen over -


For now this just looks like Sony using Azure for their online services. Interesting that they didn’t go with someone like Amazon.