Prophets of Science Fiction

Anyone else catch this on the Science Channel? I recorded an episode while I was channel surfing, and it’s a fantastic show.

It’s part author biography, part overview of their career, and then part discussions with other authors/filmmakers/scientists on how the author inspired others, and the technologies they predicted.

It’s produced by Ridley Scott, and has a ton of my favorite living authors (David Brin, Kim Stanley Robinson,) and I saw interviews with Verhoven and Roberto Orci on the episode I watched.

So far I can’t seem to find an actual regular time that the show is on, probably because of the holidays, but if you search for it you’ll probably find it. I highly recommend it!

I’ve only seen the episodes with Phillip Dick and H.G. Wells. Worth a watch if you are in to science fiction, or even if you are only familiar with them from adaptations of their works.

I have watched two episodes of the show. It is very interesting, especially if you have read some of the authors work. One of the shows I saw was Arthur Clark and while I haven’t read any of his work I was still entertained.

Thanks Athryn, I just set my DVR to record this series.

Arthur C. Clarke is a pretty obscure author and there aren’t many who are familiar with his work.

One of the more recognizable names in SF because of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Also one of the “Big Three” of Science Fiction (Asimov and Heinlein being the other two).

He was also the host of the show “Mysterious World,” which was a British version of “In Search Of…” which PBS used to show a lot, was one of my favorites. I wouldn’t exactly call him an obscure author by any means.

Raife is gently trolling following the lack of the middle initial C and the dropped E. I believe in his heart of hearts, he doesn’t think Clarke is an obscure author. But I don’t want to put words in his mouth.

I would have just gone with whoosh myself.


/shakes fist in impotent rage

Thanks for the heads up. This sounds great!

I was aware of his work in film but have never read one of his books. While I have read a lot from several authors in the sci-fi realm I just have never read any of his work. I have never read any Phil Dick either. ;)

Then you don’t get to call him “Phil”.