Prototype 2 paints the town a new and improved shade of red

Title Prototype 2 paints the town a new and improved shade of red
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Game reviews
When April 27, 2012

The gore is silly enough. Most gore is. The attempts at gritty edgy dialogue are even sillier. Prototype 2's adult language is anything but. It's playground bluster..

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So if we found the first Prototype somewhat aimless and bland, it's safe to give the sequel a pass?

What I enjoy most about the Prototype franchise is the traversal mechanics. I don't know of another game that let's me sprint and leap across a cityscape with such reckless abandon.

Tom, I don't think I can recall you using that c-word in a piece of professional writing before, did the writing in Prototype 2 bother you so much that you felt you needed to throw that in there?

My own use of language is very far from gracious at times, so far be it from me to tell others how to speak or write, but presumably you're getting a little more exposure via Metacritic these days. Does it bother you that someone following the link here is confronted by language not usually used in polite company and that in turn being a reflection on QT3?

It's a direct reference to something in Prototype 2 that probably won't make a lot of sense if you didn't play that mission. Suffice to say it's every bit as jarring and out of place in the game as it is here. :)

This sounds like the epitome of the AAA title these days. Optimized mindlessness.

Cool, fair enough!

okay, i respect your comments, but you need to say the upsides to the game to. What if all that stuff you said, people just really don't care about it and wants to hear what they could do. I know everyone here has gotten that one game where they don't like the story mode and just wants to kill people or play the multiplayer. This is one of those games. Again, i am not insulting or trying to judge you, but next time say the ups as well as the downs of a game.

I appreciate the feedback, Mr. Funkid 13, but I like to think I've said exactly as much as I intended. :)

However, I agree with your basic assessment of Prototype 2 as a sort of mindless diversion. That's certainly how I enjoyed it, and I've even been playing it a bit that way since finishing the story.