PS is too awesome

Planetside that is!

I’m BR20 on Vanu/Emerald now. This week I’m learning to use the lasher, and it’s a very interesting FPS. The gun shoots huge slow orbs and my opponents all have chainguns and shotguns, so I have to learn to dance while anticipating their movements.

I’m using this video by Visigodo as my lasher training manual. It’s fun stuff. Watching it every so often puts me in the right frame of mind to kill methodically.

Aye, its a fun game for sure!

Playing NC myself on the Werner (europe) server.

Using a free account atm, but might sometime go paid to fool around with the mechs and such. Not enough time for PS atm to justify it though, but overall fun game, great for some fast action!

Like the way squads and platoons work and the commander options (waypoints/drawing on the map ect) that PS has. MMORPG’s with PvP should take a close look at how PS does that.

After any time with Planetside, going back to a game that doesn’t allow player waypoints is a real drag. I understand why you’d leave them out, but it still hurts.

I just hit BR20 with my Emerald Vanu character a month or so ago. Course, now the cap is BR25… :(

It’s hard for me to play any other FPS these days, the lack of fluid battle lines and massive battles hurts too much.

If you get tired of Planetside, do try out WWII Online.
I find it much better.

Planetside has actually kept my attention (and my money) longer than any other MMO.

Mostly I think its because it suits what I want out of a game. A (relatively) pure skill-on-skill environment, with a strong tactical depth.

Plus hate tells.