PS2 question

Here’s the deal. I bought a used PS2 today. I tried to play a DVD movie (LOTR) basically to test if the system would read DVD media ok. That it seems to do ok, but I ran into a problem with the parental control features. The system wanted a password before it would play LOTR, the LOTR supplement disc and the Phantom Menace. Does anyone know what the default four digit password is for the PS2? I think it says in the manual. Failing that, does anyone know if it is possible to reset the password? I’m not real worried as I’ve got a dedicated DVD player already, but it would be nice to have the feature back.

Mine was 0000 I think.

– Xaroc

I managed to find what I was looking for with some google-foo. There is a master password that lets you delete the set password. You hit start at the pass entry prompt and enter 7444.