PS4 cooler?

Does anyone have a PS4 cooling pad or stand you’d recommend? I tend to keep it on between gaming sessions in order to avoid having to restart the game I’m playing. It’s fan stays on non-stop, and it’s loud, louder I think than my old XBox fan was.

Any recommendations? Thanks.

I’d love to hear that too - I’ve stopped using my PS4, because it so damn loud, and I hate that noise.
Sadly, I think every PS4 does this after a while - I’ve had 3, my friend has had 2, and my daughters have as well, and they all started making loud fan noises (in demanding games, mostly).

Are you using rest mode? Should be much quieter.

I don’t have a cooler but am surprised your PS4 is so loud. I keep my PS4 in a cabinet but have to keep the cabinet door open when playing - if i don’t it does get loud, but otherwise keeping the door open will maintain thermal regulation.

My plastic creaks and flexes.

Yeah, use rest mode. That’s the whole point. If your fans stay on in rest mode turn off USB power during rest mode. And if they still don’t go off your PS4 is defective in some manner.