Psychonauts 2!


Not if you mute the thread.


I’m probably not disappointed to read that!


Hey, did you guys hear that a Tim Schafer game is delayed? It’s Psychonauts 2 and supposed to now be out this year.


Well, I exposed an exploitable weakness on the Internet. I don’t know what I expected to happen.


It’s not the time that fans should be worried about, it’s whether they’ll need to release half the game and beg for more money again. One of those people Schafer needs above him is an accountant.


If it never gets released, you can never be disappointed in it. Which is my biggest fear, really. Psychonauts is pretty much the best video game ever made (nobody disputes this, at least, nobody I pay any attention to), so a sequel almost has to be disappointing. I didn’t even like Broken Age, and I ate up all that Monkey Island stuff back in the day. (I thought Thimbleweed Park was much better than Broken Age, warts and all).


Find someone who has a VR rig and The Rhombus of Ruin. It picks up right where the original left off with all the charm intact. It’s given me faith that P2 will work.


I think I was trying to forget that exists, since I’ll never get to play it. I don’t know anybody who has a VR rig, much less a PS-VR one.


I guess I will eventually have to buy a PSVR just so that I can play that game. Sadly, I’m the only person I know who has a PS4, so I can’t even try to convince someone to get PSVR, since I’d have to first convince that someone to get a PS4.


I kind of did. Technically, I allowed my son to convince me to spring for one for Christmas. But it’s the only game I have played through.


All hail Will Wright.




Got my backer t-shirt today!


Hey me too! Hey also, who edited my thread title and took out all the extra exclamation marks? How will everyone know how excited I am about Psychonauts 2 now?


I found a few spare ones just lying around on the desk. Use them if you need to, I don’t need this many.


[edit] Oh wait, Discourse you rascal! You won’t let me spam exclamation marks! Damn! What is the world coming to!



Very cool new trailer just now on Game Awards (yes, I’m watching the Game Awards for the first time, and this is a great show).


It felt weird seeing that Starbreeze logo in light of what happened this week.


So looking forward to this! Great trailer tonight.


I’m not sure what I was picturing, but to see all the old characters back, oh man, it just hit me last night, I was just floored. It’s hard to describe the feeling.


Oh man, it’s coming out in 2019 and it’s almost 2019! We’re in the future!