Psychonauts 2!


You have good taste in games and user names :)


As of right now, 3221 backers putting up over $360,000. I’m not the only idiot out there.


Yeah, I’m also in the “Not my money” camp. I dodged the adventure game Kickstarter bullet (The “We’re BRINGING BACK ADVENTURE GAMES!” pushing when adventure games have been coming out kinda soured me on it) and wasn’t that happy with it even when I got it for a couple bucks from Humble and played it. Psychonauts was enjoyable and one of Doublefine’s better games but that isn’t saying that much for me.

When it’s out I’ll definitely buy it at some point though. Some day.


Hell yeah brother. I just re-installed too. I can’t believe I’m so excited about something that’s at least 3 years away, probably 5 years (which is how long the original took to make).


Yeah, Doublefine has burned me enough so that I’ll sit this one out.


Yeah I have to agree with Raz (ha!) here. I love the game, but I’m going to have to let Double Fine prove themselves to me on this one before I decide to give them my money.


Erik Wolpaw is involved!



One of the best parts of the Broken Age game was the 2PP documentary that accompanied it - and they will be doing a documentary again. I more than got my Kickstarter dollars’ worth on the documentary alone last time.

This time, the documentary is free (which is wise, based on how the drama of Broken Age played out) but I don’t feel bad backing the game and pretending I am paying for a documentary with a free game attached.


I’m amazed it took them this long to do it. Free money just lying there in backers’ pockets…

of course I’m in.


I don’t trust Doublefine at all. No sale.


I’m sure! Hence the smiley face.

All the best Pogue. Like the rest, I’m going to wait for the sale after it’s done.


Broken Age Act 2 is so fucked that I simply have no faith in this lot right now.


I think if they made a stretch goal ‘No Meat Circus’ they’d easily surpass $3.3m.


Yes, I should probably beat the Meat Circus before I consider backing this one. I assume there’s a $2bn “Notch” pledge level.


I’m more wary of Double Fine, and of crowdfunding in general, these days. And $39 is a high minimum tier for crowdfunded game.

But Psychonauts is on a short list of games where my day 1 purchase is not optional, regardless of what reviewers or forums have to say about it. Along with properties like SMAC, XCOM, Master of Orion, Vampire… ok maybe not a short list, but a finite list. A list of games where, if they were a console exclusive, I’d be sorely tempted to buy the console just to access that one game.

I just like spending time in the company of Tim Schafers brain. Smart, funny, warm hearted. I’ve got a genuine man-crush on that guy.


Fuuuuuuuuucking awesome. Sorta torn. I will probably end up backing this.

Is Fig the platform that Obsidian helped launch. Or something?




So I definitely had to back this. I love the experimentation and creativity that Double Fine puts into their games. Now, I do agree that some of these haven’t panned out well, and the messaging of these issues could have been handled much better. But overall I do love the fact that they are around to do these unique games and looking forward to this.

Now, they say fall 2018, so with history, we should be looking at it around 2020?


Didn’t they say they’d need like 20 million to do a sequel when it came up in the past?


I’m also curious (but not enough to go to the website again) if the funding from Fig’s “investors” is counted toward the $3.3m or if it’s a separate, not-shown total. IIRC, that was the tier you could only back at if you could show something like $100k in assets or something, with some very high minimum buy-in.

Anyway, if those guys are part of the $3.3m, getting even a couple of them would making reaching the goal much easier. However, if they’re separate, it makes reaching the previously estimated $20m total budget more believable (say, $3.3m from fans, $5m from investors, $5m from the mysterious 3rd party–probably a publisher–and $5m from Doublefine themselves).