I love those Logitech Wireless pads. I have the PS2 and X-Box iterations, which are both fantastic, though they do tend to eat batteries faster than my Wavebird. I’m really hoping that the next-gen consoles go wireless from the get go - in a perfect gaming world, wired controllers would be considered as dated as the 56k modem.

Wires are the tool of the devil!

Well get the one for the PC, then. Sheesh.

Well get the one for the PC, then. Sheesh.

Will do. Didn’t know they made one until the post above.

That said, I think I’ll still pick up the X-Box version - there’s something about this game that just screams “Living Room!”, for some reason. Probably because it reminds me of the 3D Zelda/Mario iterations, with all the couchiness that that implies.

I wonder how the PS2 version is going to turn out. For me it’s either PC or PS2, as I lack an X-box. The latest PS2 stuff has been looking quite nice, i.e. GoW, but there’s alot of crossplatform ps2 titles that are pretty subpar, hmm.

Well, I read confident things from the PS2 conversion team in this month’s issue of Play (worth thumbing through, if only because they managed to produce a review of God of War that misspelled the protagonist’s name every single time), but this was an X-Box exclusive title, so I’d imagine there would probably be some sacrifices on the visuals/frame-rate front, which could hurt the platforming side of things.

Still, fingers crossed.

I definitely recommend the Xbox SKU in this case. The game was designed and developed for Xbox first. The other two versions are ports and will likely be of “port quality”, meaning lacking some stuff from the Xbox version.

Also, the Play interview with Schaefer is very good. In there he says exactly why the game got dropped by Microsoft. “They didn’t want to support any more Xbox 1 games in 2005.”


Helloooooooooooooo Gamefly!

That was a really, really cool demo. Straight platform game action, but such incredible life to it all. Only a few camera troubles in the Room of Spinning Weird-Ass Logs really held it up.

Or Google up a USB adapter and driver for the Xbox or PS2 controller that you already have.


Or Google up a USB adapter and driver for the Xbox or PS2 controller that you already have.[/quote]

Radio shack has em for the psx/ps2 and they work brilliantly, even with the logitech wireless ps2 controllers.

I remembered I had one of those cables, and dug it out so I could play this demo with my Xbox controller. It worked pretty well, but the right stick didn’t do anything, so I couldn’t control the camera without reaching over to the mouse. Anyone know a good driver that would let me use both sticks? I’m using XBCD.

Hey, I just realized that convertor I got for my DDR pad will work with the regular Joystick just fine…

Finished the demo, love the tin foil hat kid. Not a big fan of platformers and this is no exception, but I enjoyed the story and setting so much I will probably pick it up and finish it.

God, he cracked me up.

“Do you really do that?”

“No! Well, except maybe one time. But now I wear this special hat. Want to try it on?”

And his conversation with the squirrels was priceless.

Some news: The PS2 version, being ported by a 3rd party, has had its release date pushed back.

Great interview with Tim, wherein he describes what the development of Psychonauts felt like, here:

We exploded out of the lava pile, riding a motorcycle we fashioned out of zombie bones, riding a wave of molten radioactive hydrogen that comes crashing down with us onto Satan, melting him into nothing and ending evil forever, and then the stadium exploded with applause as we hit the ramp and jumped over 44 busses and landed doing a wheelie that we kept riding all the way into the end zone…

you may want to mention it goes on like that for 4-5 long paragraphs.

The guy is a national treasure.

The News section reads more or less like that, just stream of consciousness nonsense which ends up being really funny.

My personal apologies go out to all those aligned with the forces of mediocrity and small-mindedness who tried to shut us down over and over again for the last five years. I’m sorry things didn’t work out for you this time. I will say that although I am not bitter, I remember all of your names. Also, I’m going to send consolation cards to your mothers and fathers, because they must be disappointed most of all by your failure.

Cheers to our hard-working team!

Thank you to our friends and allies!

And hooray for Razputin, who gets to go out now into the world.

You brave little disco angel.

So… um… who’s actually bought and played this? Some guy at voodoo extreme is raving about it. What’s the first-hand word on the full-on title?

(Yeah, yeah, I could download the PC demo. DO I LOOK LIKE I HAVE THAT KIND OF TIME???)


I have. It’s one of the best platformers ever. The story and characters and dialog are great, and the gameplay switches up often enough to keep it fresh. Each mind you go into is of a wildly different style, with some truly bizarre things happening, both in how they look/sound and how you play them. Just running around the camp talking and listening to people is fun too. Like I said, the dialog is funny and there is a TON of it. My only complaints are an occasional cameraproblem, and that it’s going to be a real bitch to get 100% completion (collecting everything, not just finishing the game). But get 100% I will, because the game rules that much.

And it has some nice adventure game style puzzles too. I’m tired of “puzzles” that are really just find the hidden switch. This has a few inventory based puzzles, and some really cool environment manipulation puzzles.

I hope this game sells a ton or at least a half ton. I’m getting tired of seeing well done innovative stuff not sell.