Public service announcement: Wii in stock!

I finally found a Wii. As of right now (8:42am on Friday) they have them online at Circuit City:

By default they try and throw a bunch of other stuff in the bundle, but you can deselect it all and just pick up the console and Zelda.

Good luck!

Neat. I could even pick this up at CC on my way home. And I’m still hesitant.

Oops. Can’t do in store pickup.

Incidentally, what tipped me off was this:

It tracks when stores get inventory, and sent me a text message this morning about Circuit City in Hollywood having the Wii. I went online and there they were. Pretty neat.

I used (when I was still stalking) and and (.com? I forget)

Same idea, more or less.

Sweet. Splurged on two controllers and two nunchucks, thanks for the link.

And… it’s gone again.

This URL is amusing to me.

FYI, I put a mini-guide to getting a Wii up on here:

I’ve just been refreshing the Future Shop listing once every couple of hours or so, but no luck yet. I’ve seen the PS3 go in and out of stock a few times, though.

Trust me - my way is better :)

Console (not bundle) in stock at Sears as of 7:30am, Wed Feb 14.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Picked up Wii Play (with the remote) and a nunchuk at Target in Hamel (it’s west of Minneapolis, MN) yesterday. Last of each.

Sales associate said once they finish selling out each Wii shipment they go back to dusting the PS3s.

It says in stock at sears, but when you check out it says out of stock. Boo!

Lots of remotes at the Palo Alto Fry’s today, but no consoles.

Apparently, Sears has had issues with the reliability of its in stock announcements. However, my order yesterday appeared to go through, so keep trying.

I’d say don’t keep trying. You’re better off just monitoring Wii tracker. For the past month, when Sears has gotten Wiis in stock, it says “In Stock” for about a full day after they sell out (it won’t let you check out, though).

I ordered one yesterday and its still sitting at “processed”… thought they’d be a bit faster with this… got them out the door the same day even with free shipping selected.

Yesterday I kept trying to snag one and luckily the shipping page came up. I am happy to report that today I received an email from Sears saying that my order shipped. Thanks for the tip off!

This is actually what I meant, as is how I found out about Sears. I was just saying don’t write off Sears notices as false positives because sometimes they’re not.

Like Nyx, I got my shipping notice today, so I would imagine you’ll be getting one soon.