Publishing Software Question

This is a shot in the dark, but I’m wondering if anybody around here would have some expertise on the difference between Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Publisher? Particularly, how much of a pain in the ass it will be to attempt to transition some fairly simple publications from one to the other? I work at a company that publishes various kinds of documents, currently with InDesign, and we’re curious as to whether it would be worth our while to jump over to Publisher for any number of reasons (licensing costs for one, integration with the raft of other Microsoft stuff we’re adopting for another). What would be super awesome is if we knew anybody who would maybe be able to translate our existing InDesign templates to Project (to be frank, the only reason we’re using InDesign now is because when the time came to retire PageMaker our user base balked at the difficulty of translating the templates and some of the more subtle differences with segment sizing or something…I only know the stories, as it was before my time).

Any help would be appreciated. Our best efforts at flogging the internet have yet to turn up anybody in that line of business in our part of the world.

That sounds like a bad idea? Publisher is one of those apps like Money, that Microsoft made because they thought they wanted to be in that market at one point, and now it’s just this lame thing that they’re kind of embarrassed by. Switching to a non-strategic Microsoft product doesn’t seem like the best plan, particularly when it’s clearly a worse product than what you’re using.

Christ, use Serif PagePlus or something. Not Publisher. InDesign is the successor to PageMaker and if they balked at those costs, they may balk at Quark’s too.

I didn’t realize that Microsoft was still selling Publisher. I thought they had left the DTP market a long time ago.