Punic Wars?

Anyone played this game and if so what did they think?


This is the sequel to Celtic Kings and was marketed in America as “Nemesis of the Roman Empire.”

I never got the appeal of Celtic Kings - it was generally well reviewed, but I found the food management tedious, the AI predictable and the adventure campaign merely passable. The hero system with unique items works OK and the art direction is pretty nice in a cartoony kind of way.

Nemesis was less of the same. More factions, but the story campaigns are bite sized and faintly ridiculous (one scenario has you take Hannibal and his general on a series of FedEx quests on a large map).

Marginally better in multiplayer, and I do understand how important food supply is supposed to be. So much of the game is focused on control of tiny villages here and there over and over, so you never really get the sense of making progress.