Puzzle Agent: New puzzle game from TellTale

Last night Telltale finally released Puzzle Agent. So far it plays out similar to Professor Layton, your graded on your puzzle solving and you can get hints for each puzzle. The art style is starting to grow on me and the story is interesting. The puzzles range from good to annoying at least for me. There are at least two puzzles so far that I’m questioning the logic behind them even after solving I still don’t quite understand. I got it on preorder for $9 and it has been worth it for me , anyone else picked it up?

I was going to pre-order it until I noticed there’s an iPhone version coming out. Seems like it’d be a good game to play on the go. Any idea when that is getting released?

waiting for steam, but I’m sure I’ll pick it up. RPS hates it, but what do they know…

I picked it up today as well. I have no clue (seriously no clue) why I decided I really wanted the game when it was announced and have been following it ever since. Ifigured it would be a good diversion at work, but I haven’t installed it yet. Too bad RPS hates it, will report in by tomorrow.

For those on the fence or want more opinions on this, here goes. I picked this up today and I’m about 3 hours into it (about 1/3 - 1/2 way I’m guessing).

I’m enjoying it quite a bit. RPS is correct in saying it is similar to Professor Layton (which I enjoyed), but I think that review was too harsh and didn’t give enough credit to the other elements of the game. The story and art really add something to the experience and the tone has taken a surprising turn. It is still humorous, but it also has this sense of menace. The sound design is also really well done, and it helps set the tone.

The puzzles themselves have all been doable, mostly without hints. There have been a few that were a bit ambiguous, but the hints and do-overs got me through without getting stuck.

I’ll update once I’ve finished. So far, so good though.

So here’s the update…I finished this morning. About 5-6 hours for all 37 puzzles or so. I’m in the minority in this one, but I enjoyed it. The story caught me off guard and I thought the ending carried through with the tone of the game. In this instance, it is obviously setting up for more. I hope they keep doing these, but as TellTale isn’t making games just for me…we’ll see.

I do agree with everyone else that the puzzles are sometimes very ambiguous and part of the puzzle is figuring out what they want. Not sure how “fair” this is, but I did enjoy the game.

I’ve been playing on and off and I’m starting to get annoyed with some of the puzzles. Tom’s blog post on fidgit echoes my problem. That some of the puzzles either aren’t explained fully well or don’t make much sense even after solving. I do wish for these types of games that there should be an option to just our right skip a puzzle if you have no idea what to do and come back to it later.

I’m playing this too now. I love the atmosphere of it, but as Jab notes some of the rules of the puzzles aren’t really explained well. So I’m running into puzzles where it’s not that I can’t figure out the solution, it’s that I’m having trouble figuring out the question.

Finished this tonight and left feeling a little flat. The puzzles were repetitive, poorly explained in a lot of cases, and sometimes fussy about the arrangement. And would it be so hard to put the rules and puzzle on the same screen? I also did not like how it ended, so I suppose it sets up the next episode assuming there is one.

I did like the art a lot, and the voice acting. I would like to see more of Agent Tethers. I do wish he had some more interesting puzzles to solve.


I like Puzzle Agent a lot but I’m stuck and can’t progress.

I put an update above, but short version is, I finished it and I liked it. I’m in the minority, but hopefully not a small enough minority that they don’t make another. A fun bite size game between bigger titles.

Rob, if you have any questions, I’d be happy to help with as little spoilers as possible. Just pm me. I know using Google can sometimes ruin a game inadvertently.

As for the game spoilers*

I am impressed, I didn’t think it was possible to make garden gnomes ominous. The first time they cut into the puzzle with the creepy gnome…I loved it

**** end spoiler****

So I just finished this one. 2 sessions, 3h 45m total. I loved the overall look and tone of the game but some of those puzzles were not explained well at all. I hope they do some more but since it didn’t say episode one they might be waiting to see how well this one sells.

And from the looks of this sad little thread not many Qt3 folks bought it.

I’ve been waiting for the iPhone version to get it - which incidentally comes out tonight at 11 pm EDT.