Py Pb Y: Assasins Creed

So I’m playing Assasin’s Creed tonight and everybody in the game is really really blue looking. I figure “oh it’s some kind of artistic thing with the whole genetic memory or whatnot.”

Then I get to the first interactive scene in the memory lab and my character is totally blue faced. He looks like one of the dudes from Blue Man Group!

So I say to myself “WHY THE HELL IS THIS GUY SO BLUE!?”

Then I realize I must have the component video cables mixed up in the back.

Sure enough…I had swapped the “blue” and “green” cables. :P


One time, I tried to turn on my computer, only it wouldn’t turn on. Turns out it wasn’t plugged in.


Funnily enough, I was trying to figure out why a friend’s screen was getting all crazy every time an explosion went off.

Yes… a friend’s…

Oh, no, you’re thinking of the support group. I made that same mistake myself.


This also explains why Lego Star Wars was so blue and why Darth Maul, in particular, was blue.

I feel dumb now but it took quite a lot of blue for me to finally decide something was wrong.

Epic lulz

I can’t even imagine what CSI:NY looked like on your screen.

Or Terminator 2.

I had another interesting issue with Assassin’s Creed. Everywhere I went, there was this guy saying “They say it is a crusade. A crusade for what? Ignorance? Violence? Madness? We must resist! We must fight them in any way we can!”. So, I’d kill him, because, you know, it was fucking irritating, but then I’d turn a corner and there he would be again. Still haven’t managed to fix it.