Q for people who read Andrew Sullivan

Is it just me, or has he grown a bit… unhinged over a particular issue?

Maybe it’s just that I started reading it at an opportune time (when he was switching position on the Iraq war) and he does that kind of thing often, but if so I’ve missed it before.

It’s something of a stereotype since he’s gay, but he does seem to get a bit “hysterical” over certain topics. Right now, he’s hyperventilating against Hilary. He’s also in something of a tizzy over torture. In the past, he’s gotten very excited about supporting the war in Iraq, before changing his mind and getting very excited about criticizing the war in Iraq. There’ve been a few other issues where emotion seems to burst out. He’s good writer, but he’s a bit, um, excitable. Not that there’s anything wrong with that :O.

He can be a bit credulous, though he’s certainly an interesting voice. I like that he’s so eager to publish opinions that contrast his own- that makes him fairly unique in blog land. I’d say, despite the credulousness, the only blogger I find more intellectually honest is Josh Marshall.

His emotions do get ahold of him. I remember him tearing into Bill Maher about his views on religion, as if the 85% of religious people in the country were some neglected, endangered minority. And the war…sheesh, that stuff about a fifth column…

However, I think getting upset about torture is not exactly hysterical. He’s striving for intellectually consistent positions (for example, he’s come out against hate crimes, which he views as anti-first amendment, even though these laws are often used against homophobes) and his view on American exceptionalism has nothing to do with “USA USA WOOT!” and everything to do with the nobler principles which made this country what it is.

Good writer, terrible intellectual practices.

Yes, he’s absolutely gone nuts over Hillary. The guy is like the poster child for every obsessed stereotype about her.

Yeah, I like him too, but he has gone a little crazy over her. I still find him to be refreshingly honest, he’s had a few posts wondering if his Hillary backlash is rational. I like his torture stuff.

I agree, but this is encouraging: