Q. for tiny Qt3 subset: Poker in K.C., Mo

Does anyone have any experience playing poker in the several casinos North of KC Missouri? I am going to be in town for work and I hope to have it wrapped up by Friday afternoon and then play until the wee hours Saturday morning before leaving on a plane Saturday.

I have been in seriously dead poker rooms in my day and will just skip it and drink if it is going to be lame. I realize this thread may die a quick death, but I thought I would give it a shot as I cannot access much information while at work.

Thanks in advance.

Where did you find that? That is me second from the left. Look how young Matty is.

Try Ameristar. Last time I was in KC it was the only casino with much happening in the way of a poker room.

I’ve heard Harrah’s is good, but I’ve never been to a Harrah’s that didn’t smell like a cross between a nursing home and a stockyard. Not that this wouldn’t be a pretty apt description for most casinos.

I know it’s not quite the same, but I’ve been in a casino in Sioux City and it was one of the most depressing places I’ve ever been.

And the poker room was empty, apparently they only get players for scheduled tournaments.

Ameristar and Harrah’s and Isle of Capri and Argosy were the ones I found. Based on websites alone, the latter two looked uninspired.

Harrah’s is where you want to go if you’re looking to play poker. The big four casinos (“the boats” to the locals) are mostly slots-based, table games are pretty slim. Also, do yourself a favor and do NOT eat at the casino. Take a taxi over into the city and avail yourself of the local cuisine. Or heck, drop me a PM and I’ll let you know what’s good.

I’ll have a rental, so I can go where ever, but want to get as much poker in as possible, since I do not get to play much anymore. Excellent thanks and PM’ed.