Q: Into the Storm is a great documentary (HBO)

I finished watching this HBO documentary the other day. It’s got a few things going for it:

  • Lots of exotic locations. Globe trotting.
  • It actually follows Q and 8-chan for almost 4 years, so you really get to a nice sense for these characters.
  • It really puts you in the heads of these figures, and it helped me understand how they can get so hyperfocused on these small issues, and start sniffing their own glue

The rivalry/war between Fred and Tim and his dad is a good microcosm of this kind of thinking of seeing the virtual world as some kind of game, and not seeing the real world consequences of something.

One thing that really amused me was the professor near the end of the documentary who said he was treating the Q theories as if the conspiracy theories could be true or not true, until they included him. Then he knew they weren’t true because in fact, he was not a baby eating pedophile, therefore the conspiracy theory were false, and he started appearing on TV to debunk them.