Qt3 Boardgames Podcast: Black Angel, Kingdomino, Churchill

Title Qt3 Boardgames Podcast: Black Angel, Kingdomino, Churchill
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games podcasts
When December 12, 2019

Tom Chick talks about someone else's game, Bruce Geryk doesn't have room at the table for a fourth player, and Hassan Lopez loses to an eight-year-old.

Black Angel at 1:38, Kingdomino at 21:57, and Churchill at 34:04, and …

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I am almost afraid to listen to this podcast, because I hated Churchill (the game!) so much. And I’m pretty sure from what I’ve read elsewhere that Bruce loves it.

On another note, @hassanlopez, how/where do I buy Maniacal? My local game store can’t get it, Amazon has never heard of it, and boardgameprices.com says you can only buy it in Canada!

The Eagle Gryphon website has it, is that the only way to get it?

Hey @JoshL! Your local store should be able to order retail copies directly from Eagle - but if they really can’t, then the only place you can get it currently is directly through the EGG website.

They said their franchise only orders through certain distributors, and none of them had it. Normally I like my local game store, but their ability to get the games I want seems to be waning.

Is the game going to be sold through distributors at some point, or only directly from Eagle Gryphon forever?

That’s a good question. I really don’t know. My last game with them, Clockwork Wars, ended up on Cool Stuff and some other online retailers - but the game needs to hit a certain threshold of popularity to make that happen, I think. I’m certainly keeping my fingers crossed!

I ordered my copy of Maniacal directly from Eagle-Griffon. And threw this little ditty into my basket for the free shipping:


Unrelated, but what you said about Ecos on the podcast is so true. There’s a card, for example, that requires two “sun” markers, and when it activates, it produces a “grass” icon. (For those who haven’t played, sun icons are the most common, and grass icons are less common, so turning two suns into one grass is a thing you might want to do). Of course everyone refers to it as the “photosynthesis” card. Why couldn’t it just say that on the card? And some of the other cards are much more complex, so having some thematic hook to tell you what that card is for, or what it is going to score for, would be pretty helpful.

I order games direct from Eagle for my store. Eagle doesn’t ship stuff through normal distribution. I’d be happy to ship you a Maniacal from CO if you like. I just did it for @Brooski and shipping wasn’t too bad.

I haven’t listened to the whole podcast yet, but about Black Angel, maybe the whole game has been quite poorly adapted: from what I gathered, it is meant to be a slightly sarcastic take on the supposedly cold, insensible nature of AIs, considering everything as generic ressources to exploit. It may have been quite an ironic way to exploit the generic nature of eurogames; double-ironically though, it seems to have become plainly generic in its English transition?
In any case I hope I’ll be able to play this at my yearly new year’s eve boardgaming session.

I can confirm that @Vesper got me @hassanlopez’s Maniacal and it was great service all around.



Got a dangling bit at the end of the blurb:
“, and .”

Sorry to hear. Sadface.trombone.psd

How many times have you played the game?

Once was enough, mon ami. It bounced off me in 2015.

I would love it if you could post even briefly about your experience with Maniacal here as I love your other reviews for this site!!

Thanks, Nathan! I will as soon as I get a chance to play. Which might not be soon, though, as I don’t play with many non-wargamers.

It’s not designed by Mark Herman but the next entry in the Churchill/Pericles line looks intriguing to me.