Qt3 forum icon suddenly screwy on Android--what gives?

I posted this in the supporters post in the Games subforum. The icon changed in the last couple of days, and it looks bad:

I’m guessing you may have recently updated to Android 13? Whether you have or haven’t, uninstall the Qt3 ‘app’, then re-install it and it should go back to normal.

Yes, on Android 13. It’s been so long I can’t remember how to do the “appifying” thing, though.

There’s an app?!

You go to it in Chrome, then in the three-dot menu, there’s an “Install app” command. It’s pretty cool.

Depends on the flavor of Android, but you either:
long press, uninstall
long press drag to top of home screen to uninstall
or go to app drawer long press uninstall.

Thanks. I actually already knew how to uninstall, just wasn’t sure how to create an “app” version but it was “super easy, barely an inconvenience” as it turned out (see my post above yours).

And I should add that it fixed the cosmetic problem with the icon.

And to be clear, it’s like those apps that just fence a website into a fullscreen WebView container. It’s the same forum, still in a Chrome tab, that just has all the excess Chrome UI stripped out. This has upsides and downsides (maximum viewing area / minimum distractions, but no tabs or, say, browser plug-ins if you use a non-standard browser normally).

I do exclusively use the appified site, and as a bonus, I can add the little shortcut it made out of the site icon (the thing that got weird looking in PG’s phone update) right on my home screen.

I might add it has nothing to do with Android 13, as I’m still on 10 and that happened to me too.

I’ll try uninstalling and reinstalling.

Data point that supports your theory: it didn’t start looking screwy till at least several days after I upgraded to 13.

Nothing changed on the site side that I know of.

Yep, I’ve been on 13 for a few weeks and the icon only went wonky yesterday.

The remove/replace fixed it though.

And today the icon is screwy again for some reason. Ugh.

Yep, mine last night too.

Mine gets weird over time. It seems like it slowly shrinks, maybe every time it’s opened, so that the white space around the black logo gradually increases. Reinstalling resets it, but not sure what causes it.

I’ve reinstalled 3 times now, it keeps getting changed overnight

It isn’t a technical issue, I’ve been greasing up my naked body with canola oil and sliding into your bedroom at night. After standing completely still and watching you sleep with my dead cold eyes for up to one hour, I take your phone off the nightstand and subtly change the Qt3 icon. Nothing to worry about.

Good to know it’s not an issue with the forums! ;-)

Occam’s razor, it’s the simplest explanation.

Is it really, though?