Qt3 Games Podcast: Anno 1800, Far Cry: New Dawn, Sekiro

			    Qt3 Games Podcast: Anno 1800, Far Cry: New Dawn, Sekiro

Tom Chick, Nick Diamon, and Jason McMaster on campaign stopping bugs, town upgrades in a pink apocalypse, and bosses that get back up after you’ve put them down.

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My favorite podcast is back!

And I, of course, am Jason McMasterrrrr

You can turn on English voice acting for Sekiro, and it’s pretty high quality. The voice for Wolf is the same guy who voiced Charles Smith in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Haha, Tom had the same bug I did.

Glad it was fixed in today’s patch! Oh, wait, no it wasn’t. So did you find any way around it? I suppose I could go back through old autosaves.


Nope. I went back to an older save but it didn’t help. Just started up a freeplay session instead.

Interesting, I played 1800 last night and finished chapter 3 and am a quest or two into chapter 4 now.

Don’t let your ships die. :P

Nice Track and Field reference. I had that footpad thing too, hahhahaa.

Keep at it JM, you’ll get the final boss.

The arcade across the street from my school had a “NO RULERS OR PENCILS ON CABINETS” sign specifically to curb the Track & Field cheating.

That’s hilarious! No good cheaters ; )

I feel bad about my part of the podcast because i had intended to discuss the story and how I feel it fits in with the other games, but then I don’t want to spoil it :(

I bet there’s a decent chance that Ubi fixed the bug that caused Tom’s quest misfire, they just didn’t do the totally separate fix that checks to see if you’re in the broken state and repairs your data so you can continue. Those are two totally separate issues, technically speaking.

It’s like St. Peter saying, “We accidentally had cheating at backgammon on the list of mortal sins. But we changed the rules, so now no one who approaches the heavenly gates will be condemned to hell for cheating at backgammon.” Meanwhile Tom (notorious backgammon cheater?) is still sitting in hell, burning forever.

(It’s also possible that the patch had several days of testing to go through, so even a bug found several days before the patch went live isn’t included in that patch, but is fixed and due to be included in the next one. No silly analogy about hellfire for this scenario.)

I wanted to hear your thoughts! But I suppose it’s best not to spoil a game this new. It would have been a pretty great conversation since there is so much meat to Sekiro’s story, and the evolution (continuation?) of Miyazaki’s thoughts on life/death/cycles.


When Tom mentionned picking the best AssCreed boss, the Pope immediately popped into my mind. Thank you Jason for jumping on this!