Qt3 Games Podcast: Armando Penblade and Fate Core


You might also like stuff like Nova Praxis and Eclipse Phase, but I found the worldbuilding and character options in Mindjammer to be really exciting! Can’t find anyone to play it with right now, and probably don’t have time anyway. . . alas!

Yeah, I read a chunk of this a few years ago and thought it sounded great. I’m pretty sure I’d really dig some versions of Traveller, too. Well, at least the charcreation. Nothing like dying before the game even starts, right? :)

The guy who ran the almost-ruined game I talked about has run one-shots of both these systems, and I had an absolute blast both times! I would love to play more full-featured games in either, and that’s saying something in the case of Delta Green since, TBH, modern-day stuff doesn’t really interest me for the most part.

You guys are making this almost as weird as the comments on my old Youtube keyboard reviews. . . ;-)


What for? IT’S A PODCAST ABOUT YOU! I see your posts as a kind of director’s commentary.


Nice, I miss my RPG days, and it’s fun to enjoy them vicariously through people like you. And great choice of music!


I’ll join the chorus of people feeling betrayed hearing your voice, @ArmandoPenblade : where is the Peter Parker mental representation I was expecting to hear, after all your claims about your young age?!


So Armando, I love your voice in a completely Platonic way.


I… uh… oh my. What the fuck was that?

Great podcast. Definitely curious about Fate. @ArmandoPenblade you explained it really well, and definitely have a talent with words. Great podcast.


Pffft…hippy game. ;)


Damn you RichVR

The start of a lifelong love affair with cheesy metal?

Oh, on that note, for any GMs–aspiring or otherwise–in the thread, I present:

The Final Performance of the Hellknights of the Underdark (Feat. Deathrone Ascendancy), a 4-hour one-shot adventure I wrote a couple of years back, initially for Pathfinder, but now with a full Fate Core conversion. Based originally around the goofy idea of “What if you had a party of nothing but Bards in Pathfinder?” the game evolved into its current form: a heavy metal band, at the peak of their fame, stand to ascend to godhood at the end of their last concert ever. . . if they can keep from killing each other, or getting violently murdered, first! Dropbox folder contains anything you might need to play–scenario guidelines, monster stat blocks, suggested tracklist, printable character sheets for the players, and even “token sheets”–printable pages of 1" circular tokens to represent players/monsters/NPCs. Buy a 1" circular hole punch, some 1" metal washers, and a glue stick, and you’ve got instant minis! See, @tomchick? I’ve got some visual talents after all, just like you said ;-)

(Also, thanks @tylertoo and everyone else for the kind words! It means a lot; this is genuinely my passion, so your feedback is really great!)

Give me four hours and your undivided attention and I can prove that Fate doesn’t completely blow chunks ;-)


Btw, you totally sold one copy of magic cat gaming:

For further info:



I echo the thought that holy cow @ArmandoPenblade you sound nothing like what I thought. And a great discussion too. I, like @tomchick, am somewhat surprised you haven’t LARPed before, that totally seems like you.

I am also totally down with FATE getting a spin on the RPG club.


Yesss, thank you, @Brooski! The name was entirely escaping me during the show, but it sounds awesome, and a few of my friends like it a lot. Curiously, it’s not the only “Cats protecting humans from horrors beyond”-themed RPG. . .

Two of my closest friends here in Raleigh are oldschool LARPers from back in the day, and a ton of other folks I know are super into SCA and similar. I suspect I’m getting dragged in sooner or later. My girlfriend will never let me live it down, if I do. . .

One of these days when I have a minute, I might even just run a one-shot or something for folks on Qt3. I should really just do that RIGHT THIS SECOND to capitalize on my 15 minutes, but, ehhhh.



Hmmm…seems unlikely that I would be able to sit still for 4 hours.

To be fair I’ve only played Fate once in an online game and all those digital post it notes didn’t work real well.


Well, to be fair, my four-hour sessions are generally run in person, and then we do usually take 1-2 breaks for food/bathroom/stretching, and of course people can wander away if they need to between that. 4 hours online would probably be too much, though. . .

Interesting re: the post-it notes. If anything, I find the fiddliness of maps/minis to be exacerbated online, at least with the tools I’ve used, so Fate “feels” better to me, but I could see that aspect of it getting annoying to others


Well, I would agree that the post its are better than online maps/minis, but that’s a bit like arguing that being punched in the jaw is better than being punched below the belt.

I would give Fate another shot in person to see what I thought in a less cumbersome environment.




Cute / funny system, albeit fairly limited in terms of scope, characters, and “paths through.” With the right group, though, a hilarious one shot generator like Lasers and Feelings. The more people are willing and able to play up the big gay pathos, AchillesxPatroclus style, though, the better the whole thing gets.

I’d also add in more ways to get marks on other orcs via rp and probably up the number of NPCs a little just to increase interactions a little for smaller groups.

This is totally the kind of thing I’d run with the group I was running a game for tonight, the big bunch of perverts!


Wil Wheaton’s TableTop series has covered Fate Core with an awesome Supernatural-meets-The Division style game featuring Felicia Day in the player cast and one of the game’s creators, Ryan Macklin, in the GM’s seat. Enjoy!


I just came upon this episode myself - kind of been casually working my way through the Table Top episodes from front to back, and thought I’d check out what people thought of the game system. I know I’ve said it before, but role playing (real role playing, like with pencils and dice and crap) just totally mystifies me. Kind of in the same way glassblowing and ice sculpting mystify me, that whole swirling together of nothing into something. I haven’t listened to the podcast yet but I’m definitely going to have to make time for it.


I hope you like the podcast; I was really happy with how it turned out overall, and I really love this system.

One of these days you should play in an online one-shot with me, @divedivedive. RPGs are awesome!