Qt3 Games Podcast: country music and caped crusaders

Title Qt3 Games Podcast: country music and caped crusaders
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games podcasts
When October 21, 2011

Yeah, sure Batman: Arkham City is out this week and we've all dutifully got our copies. But at least two of us have other picks for our games of the week..

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Any Assassin's Creed movie that makes it to theater is going to target a PG-13 rating for business reasons. I think that's a betrayal of the property, but I'll let it slide as long as the eff bomb budget is used for the last line in the movie.

My favorite way to wuss out at a horror movie and shield my eyes while still putting on a manly fascade is to focus my attention on the corner of the screen. It works best in the theater but then the catscares and really creepy things happen in my peripheral vision. The only time it doesn't work is when the misses digs her claws into my arm because she gets scared. That always makes me jump.