Qt3 Games Podcast: fixing Mass Effect

Title Qt3 Games Podcast: fixing Mass Effect
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games podcasts
When June 28, 2012

Returning guest Seth Berkowitz joins us this week with some surprising comments about the new DLC for Mass Effect 3..

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That does it I am buying a used copy of Haze.

Of course, we knew going in that it was as trick, but that is a pretty cool twist. Haze is one of the few FPS games in that time period I didn't play

I've seen the headless horseman in Skyrim. **Spoilers** He lead me to a small graveyard NW of Whiterun where there were a few undead and a chest.

As for upstanding vampires, in Oblivion, Count Hasseldor in Skingrad was a respectable if secretive and flinty vampire.

If I am not mistaken, Battlefield 3 and Just Cause 2 are both Vista/7 only. I appreciate the news and, frankly, if does not surprise me. What does surprise me, however, is the idea of a retro-patch for XP-support. Cool, I guess.

Actually, I can't believe I didn't remember that about Battlefield 3. That's a game I had hoped to set up on my LAN until I found out it wouldn't work with XP. Thanks for the reminder, Mr. Gollum!

No problem. So, why the aversion towards Win 7? For me, personally, it's just waiting for the time and resources to upgrade my fossilized dinosaur of a PC (which I built) at some point when it is practical for a wholesale renovation.

As engrossing as technology is, this stuff ain't cheap.

Out of interest, what are the (important) specs of your main Gaming PC and how often do you upgrade etc?

You aren't on Windows 7 Tom? It is arguably superior to Windows XP in almost every way. It will run on just about any computer that will run XP, so the only reason not to upgrade would be cost of a lic.

Seth, I just played the new endings and I didn't need to play any multiplayer (to raise the galactic readiness from 50% and thus multiply my military number) to get *that* extra bit of video in one of the endings. It seems they lowered the requirement. My number was way below 3100.

I did do all possible missions and quests. I had almost the maximum you can have without any multiplayer or outside games. Don't remember the exact value.

I haven't researched this at all, but based solely on my experience it is now possible to get every ending without playing anything else than the single player. Yay!

Also, playing Mass Effect 3 on a PC, I made it easier to test the different endings like this (as you can't save in the ending sequence):
- In the end, wait until the final choices open. You will see a "Saving" notice.
- Alt-Tab out of the game and open the save game folder (it was something like My Documents - Bioware - Mass Effect 3 - Save).
- Copy the AutoSave.pcsave file. Name it in the same way as a regular save is automatically named, just increment the number.
- Now you can load the final scene save in the normal way and test without going through the slow ending sequence again (of course, you can't redo the final dialog choices this way).

Glad to hear it. I did a couple cursory searches before running through it, and that number 3100 kept coming up, sourced from ME3 producer Mike Gamble via Twitter: https://twitter.com/GambleMike...

The Dawnguard just made contact with me last night, shortly after watching two daedra hunters chase down and murder an older female vampire who was trying to surrender... so, I'm guessing there may be some moral twists to this vampire tale.

I am not above enjoying a bad shooter. I finished Homefront!

Whoops, I just checked and my Effective Military Strength was actually 3278 (at 50% readiness). Like I said, I had done everything. I think the only way to get a bit more points would have been to save the Mengele lab results in Mass Effect 2.

That's still a difference to the pre-batch game as you needed 4000 to get *that* video then. I did not get it at the time with the same save.

I completed Gravity Rush. It lulls and stumbles about two-thirds of the way through but comes back strong in the end, with some nice battles utilizing your by then leveled special attacks, and story tendrils paying off while preserving some mysteries for the world going forward. It's so worth playing, regardless of a couple warts.