Qt3 Games Podcast: forgeforsaken and Chromehounds

Meet Shawn, aka forgeforsaken. He wants to talk about – get this! – Chromehounds, a soon-to-be-extinct game in an extinct genre with gameplay conventions that drive away online gamers in droves. Plus it has a stupid name! Why would anyone want to talk about Chromehounds?

Listen to find out and you might win a copy of Solium Infernum, allowing you to enjoy one of the 847 Solium Infernum threads. And congratulations to chemdem for winning a Collector’s Edition of Demigod, which will allow him to enjoy that single Demigod thread that’s scrolled back about three pages or so.

Next week: jpinard and The Sims 3…

I didn’t think the District 9 rocket snatch was that outrageous, actually. I was drywalling a few years ago, and one of the guys I was with was stringing the electrical wiring over one of the ceiling vents. He lost his grip, and the the wire snapped back because it was under a lot of tension. Without thinking, I reached out and caught it as it passed. It was a totally instinctive move, and there was no way I could have done it had I thought about it. There was just no time.

The reason I bring this up is because maybe part of the reason he was so awkward with the mech was because was overthinking his movements. In Battletech, for example, Mechwarriors rely on their brain’s ability to balance on two legs to walk their mech. All of the weight shifting is handled at the subconscious level, the systems just tap into what their brain already knows how to do.

Maybe he just saw it and caught it the same way I caught that electrical wire.

This tangent was brought to you by the letter M.

Excellent podcast. It really made me sad that I missed out on Chromehounds. It definitely sounds like something the Mechwarrior fan in me would have enjoyed.

You should always start with Zepplin music Tom, other then that an amazing podcast as per usual.

Great podcast…makes me wish I’d played chromehounds. :(

If you’re still planning on a few farewell games of Chromehounds I would definitely show up.

Chromehounds sounds awesome. The bit about flashing the lights and later on, lime green paint as basic IFF is brilliant.

Is Chromehounds impossible to monetize? A few thousand players, as mentioned, would seem to be able to pay for a server (even at 100 Microsoft points a month or something). Or is Sega prohibited from charging for access to their servers?

Something else I’ve always wondered about–do third party developers see any money from Live subscription fees?

Is it me or has this still not showed up on iTunes yet? I’ve listened to some of it on the link provided, but I’d like to catch up on the bits I missed on the iPhone but the Avatar podcast is the latest one on the store.

It might be you, I have it on my iPod right now. Is Australian iTunes different than US iTunes?

You can save it via the link and play it with iTunes, which is what I do when I want to listen to them before they propagate.

Must be, still not there. Anyway I followed Raife’s suggestion and just saved it from the OP link.

Amazing podcast. You totally captured the feeling of Chromehounds in the early days. I’m impressed enough to not be all that offended that you didn’t remember that I was one of the Qt3ers playing a lot in the early days. I remember putting together a spreadsheet on the then just-launched Google Docs listing all the parts for each of the sides.

I remember some intense discussion over Hound colouration as well, with strong opinions emerging. The lime-green mention was a trip down memory lane.

One thing not discussed was the weirdly international flavour of the online war. There were so many times we got our asses kicked by some of those incomprehensible Japanese folks…

Once again, incredible job Tom and Forge!

Yeah apologies to those I didn’t mention, I think I only called out like 4 or 5 of the 20 folks in our squad. There was lots of other stuff I had on my list to talk about but never quite got around to. I do wish I remembered to bring up the crazy useless on foot stuff when your hound got destroyed though.

Yeah, I was wondering why that wasn’t mentioned in the part of the podcast when you talked about how the game was unforgiving because it was “over” when you died. I have fond memories of just kind of hanging around our bases while on foot, chatting with people nearby, and shooting at nothing with that little pea-shooter you had while on foot.

Probably Sun Jan 3rd. Jan 6th is when it all gets shut down.

Not only that Ephraim, but you could actually fight each other while you were the useless repawned soldier! It was like ghosts fighting each other.

I’m down for some Chromehounds this week if anyone wants
to play.

Just think, if Miyamoto was a designer for From Software, you could have been piloting a little bomb ghost hound with a lit fuse after you died… okay, maybe not.

That was an informative and interesting podcast, as always, and I regret not being able to enjoy the Chromehounds experience.

Thanks for the name-check Forge. I really enjoyed the AWACS role a commander took. Didn’t play that game hardly enough, but at least I got out before the artillery exploiters became too rampant.

Good podcast guys. The in-game stories about flashing headlights and limited radio contact range sound like fun gameplay mechanics.

So who is up for playing this tonight? I might show this game off with a bang with a long session tonight.