Qt3 Games Podcast: McMasterpiece Theatre 2015


So this is something that happened. Tom Chick and Jason McMaster faithfully recreate the greatest hits of videogaming in 2015. After the show, stick around for a bit of Starcraft II, Grim Dawn, Homeworld: Some Stuff in the Desert, and Darkest Dungeon.

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The sexual tension really came through in the Witcher 3 recreation.


You got Kelly Wand in my games podcast! Also, I've been playing a ton of Mad Max lately and you guys are pretty darn good as Max and Chumbucket.


The name is corny and totally great. As is the concept.




That was entertaining... but also painful.


If you think that was painful to listen to, imagine how painful it was RECORDING IT! This is a close approximation:



OMG! You just changed my evening activity for the next couple of weeks. This show looks great.


Agreed! That was outSTANDing.


Will there be a 2016 version?


Oh please say yes. After all, it is Christmas Mr Scrooge.


Hey cool, I can probably listen to this now, since I’ve played a lot of these 2015 games now.


Do we get a new McMasterpiece Theatre this year?


I’m up for it


I just love the title of this show so much.