Qt3 Movie Podcast: Ad Astra

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: Ad Astra
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When October 7, 2019

Let's find out what happens when you shoot Brad Pitt into outer space!

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Nice to see Ed Asner get properly credited.

I forgot to write in with my thoughts but I have every confidence that you guys have it covered. I only just started listening but am glad to see that @Kelly_Wand nailed Donald Sutherland’s most important contribution to the movie.

Now for the real news: Kelly is coming back to America!! OMG Kelly what happened—did you finally accept that offer to be White House Communications Director??

Oh hey cool, I still want to see this but I need to give the podcast a listen and find out if any of you guys liked the movie.

So I’m not the only one!

What was the thumbs up/down breakdown for those of us avoiding spoilers?

We’re all pretty down on it, even though I feel it’s worth seeing.


Ah, bummer.

I wish I had written in!

Post moar words here. That’s kind of like writing in.


I need to finish listening first. I had to stop so I could focus on getting a Texas medical license.

Don’t tell anyone 'cause I’m under NDA, but I’m really excited, you are now reading the tedious non sequiturs of Rudolph Giuliani’s new personal lawyer. Only for college cred, but finally a chance to become more to people than just The Glamorous Writer of the Jumper videogame. Afk, need to pick a college. Wait, the President has a university?! U-S-A!

I knew I wouldn’t be the only one that noticed Mark Ruffalo’s cameo in this. :)

Man, what a piece of garbage it was. The “science” was unforgivable and the plot was worse.

Thank god the podcast made watching this thing worthwhile. It was brilliant, thank you!

Interesting listen as someone who liked the movie. You acknowledged a bunch of the good stuff and even almost admitted that the anticlimactic confrontation was a legitimate twist and that the science foibles didn’t matter. I agree Cliff Booth was a way better Brad Pitt character, but still I’ll take a great and satisfactory Brad Pitt performance in the same year (especially if Pitt is balanced by some great Hoytema.)

I really have no issue with bad science in most movies and I’m always a little amused when it bothers people. Movies make their own science, whether it’s a blow to the face not leaving a mark, magical instant computer hacking, or Iron Man’s flying suit. Ad Astra isn’t selling a story about the mechanics of space travel, acoustics in a vacuum, or the effect of EMP blasts from the outer planets. Those things are bits and pieces in the background, little more than scenery. They’re elements of the plot, not information about the real world. Entertainment doesn’t have to be education.

It’s like complaints about the Chernobyl miniseries taking liberties with how radiation works or Hurt Locker having a character wipe blood off bullets so they’ll load. Drama often involves dramatization. It’s a feature, not a bug.

As for the twist with the anticlimactic finale, I would have been okay with that if I had at least gotten an interesting conversation between Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones, or some sort of connection, or sparks, or something, anything. Drama also needs to sometimes be dramatic!

Amen, brother! Amen! Ad Astra is gorgeous largely because of the cinematography. I’ve been tempted to go see it again on an Imax screen. But I think I’ll just watch my Interstellar blu-ray instead.


BTW, the space baboon sequence was totally ripped off from Dwayne Johnson’s masterpiece, Rampage.