Qt3 Movie Podcast: Bad Times at the El Royale


Due to Bad Times at the Qt3 Movie Podcast Recording Software, we had to use a back-up in which Christien Mulanski’s voice is way quieter than anyone else’s. You’ll have to keep your hand on the volume knob and surf our various volume levels, which will make it out most interactive episode ever.

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An early morning correction:
“ou[r] most interactive episode ever”


Next: Halloween



I was kind of excited about this coming out, and was going to hold off listening to the podcast until it drops on Amazon. Then I realized it was The Cabin in The Woods guy… {Ominous musical cue: Bum-bum-BUM]

@ChristienMurawski and @marquac, you guys know me. Should I wait? Will this please or frustrate me?


It’s hard for me to picture myself saying of it to anyone, “You’ll love it!”


Got it, I will podcast it today or tomorrow.

Did you make any good Cabin in the Woods jokes? Or Tarantino rip-off references?


I had to pause after the chapter two title card on the opsis because I was laughing so much. Well done, Kelly. Well done.


Oh, interesting. I was thinking this was written by Scott Rosenberg (whom I generally loathe), but that was Venom. I am more likely to see this now.


Louis Armstrong. How do you think of that? Beautiful.


Yikes, I finally write into a podcast and I’m told to watch Pacific Rim: Uprising? Harsh!


That is like telling someone to “Go f*** your M*****!”

I’d be upset.


The single set of tracks in the sand are from when Gosling was carrying me.


I rewound the Gosling parts. While driving.


The Sam Waterston/OJ reference was a great bon mot, Kelly.

“Hey, Dr. Kelloway. Funny thing happened on the way to Mars.”

I’m surprised no one mentioned that it sounds like a someone aping Pynchon’s Inherent Vice.



I believe that Kellywand will recognize this. For everyone else this is a screenshot from Desire and Hell at Sunset Hotel.


It was very cool that 5 listeners wrote in this week. And that three of them were of the Chris variety.



For @Kelly_Wand, here is what I put in my email about the walk-out:

There were five other people in the theater when I saw it and two walked out. It was when Thor had the “good guys” tied up and kept talking and talking. The insufferable climax was the last straw after they had spent most of the movie sighing or groaning as each new scene began.

I thought this movie sucked.

P.S. I really liked A Star Is Born, Kelly. Sorry.


I actually wrote something along these lines in my notes while watching the movie. TRUE STORY.


“We don’t get a lot of girls down here in boots.”


Actually, that makes me slightly curious about it. For the first time. 'Cause you hated Lalalalalalal-and.


Still interested.