Qt3 Movie Podcast: Bridge of Spies

I am deciding to believe you aren't saying something negative about Duran Duran with this post. I am deciding to believe that!

I hate it a little less knowing that it has some importance to you, Christien. I am serious. (I still hate it though!)

When I first got to my new high school after moving across the country to Virginia, the first group of friends I had were all girls. The guys took longer to let me into the club; they'd all been in school together since kindergarten and had punched each other a thousand times. I was the interloper and a total dork among good-old-boys.

The girls treated me kindly, and they were all Duran Duran girls. Totally freaking nuts about Duran Duran.

For my birthday they decorated my locker with all kinds of Duran Duran magazine posters (and a really nice centerfold one of the girls had taken from her dad's Playboy).

They made me wear a Simon Le Bon hat that day.

Of course this all went really well with the jocks who were calling the new guy a fag anyway, since I wanted to be in drama and all. But in the end, who cares. I had a few friends who loved me and they were girls! Girls! My Christian school in Colorado didn't have many of those. I was in heaven.

So I will always love Duran Duran. Because of them. And also, Waiting for the Night Boat and The Chauffeur are just awesome. To say nothing of the fact of the adult version of the Girls on Film video.

Sing Blue Silver.