Qt3 Movie Podcast: Den of Thieves

This can’t possibly be worse than that thing we saw with Liam Neeson on a train, can it?

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The Commuter had the decency to be 35 minutes shorter.

The opening to the opsis was absolutely stunning. Holy crap.

They make a point of how if you stare at the reserve for a few minutes that security will come out to talk to you and if you do it again, you’ll be on everyone’s naughty list. Except if you stare at the reserve from the adjacent parking garage. The parking garage that has an entire floor that no one parks on. Apparently that’s how you fly under security’s radar in this movie.

Funniest opsis yet. I think this one is begging to get animated.


Genius, thy name ends in “rard”.

Definitely a top-tier opsis. No mention of Gerard Butler looking like the bastard love child of Russell Crowe and Bam Margera, but that’s a very minor nitpick. When Kellywand said “Gerard goes to visit his daughter in prison” I nearly crashed my car.

I assume this is the Palantir they were talking about, though I haven’t seen the film.