Qt3 Movie Podcast: Drive Angry

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: Drive Angry
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When February 28, 2011

It's a 2 vs 1 split for Drive Angry. If you don't want us to spoil this white trash muscle car rock opera wanna-be, fast forward to the 44-minute mark for this week's 3x3: our favorite moments involving assassins..

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If only I could show off my badge with a fraction of such authority.

Can't wait to hear this, I emailed you fine lads about the gooberzilla podcast where movies are shredded up in good fun. Kelly is amazing as always

I, for one, will never be sick of the *opsises.

Who wouldn't want to see a "white trash muscle car rock opera wanna-be"? I've never even heard of this movie, don't plan on seeing it, but can't wait to listen to the podcast.

And Kelly, stop saying how much y'all suck! If y'all suck, then surely we do, too. Oh, wait.

I had fun with this film, but agree with many of the criticisms, particularly of Cage's performance which ruins the end in particular. I didn't really care for the performance of the cult leader either.

However, I like that it didn't try to over explain the mythology. A small touch I really liked was that the Account (Fichtner) had no idea why Cage broke out until the church scene. He was just basically a cog in the supernatural machine.

Also, it's confirmed that Nicholas Cage is supposed to have been dead by the tow truck driver who says something like, "I carried his coffin." I do think they screw up the timeline though between his daughter's age/backstory and his apparent being out of step with the times.

Lastly, I will say I enjoyed the fucking shoot-out much better than the one in Shoot-Em Up.

Kelly: “Tom has an unusually smack-proof gob.”

Still a unique phrase after a decade. Bravo.