Qt3 Movie Podcast: Fantastic Four

Oh wow, I always wondered why there such little discussion about the Movie podcast in the QT3 forum thread...I never scrolled down below the "download" link... duh!

Polygon has a feature on Trank up. It’s a lot about his background, Chronicle as such - but a large chunk is dedicated to FF. It’s mostly (but not exclusively) from his perspective, but worth reading nonetheless.

It took me a long time to read through that, but it was worth it. Very insightful in a lot of ways.

That paragraph really encapsulated a lot. And this one really pointed out how this was never going to work. He was never going to make the kind of super hero movie that the executives would allow to be made, perhaps fairly, since it probably wouldn’t be a hit.

And then this was the nail in the coffin after which the studio pretty much took over.

I’m now very interested in Capone. Chronicle was interesting, but had a poor ending. I haven’t seen Fantastic Four, but I hope Capone shows that Trank can do good stuff.