Qt3 Movie Podcast: Justice League

Without Justice League, we would never have gotten Kellywand’s Justice League Opsis.

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I feel kind of ambivalent towards the format change - I usually listen to the podcast at work, and usually the longer the better, so boo.

But on the other hand, I do understand why you want to change it, and it’d be a bummer if the podcast turned into a chore for you guys. And now I have the time to work out the 100% anime 3x3:s with proper noun filled imdb-worthy synopses for every @Kelly_Wand topic I’ve always wanted to do, so yay!


I had forgotten about the Green Lantern showing up in the exposition battle and getting killed off. I suppose that it’s supposed to be a tease that Green Lantern will be apart of the DCU, but for me it just left me wondering why wouldn’t the Green Lantern folks be helping Earth fight such a powerful evil? Maybe they knew that Superman would get resurrected be able to easily stop the bad guy?

I like that Russia is sort of the wasteland the movies use now. In Fast and Furious 7, a terrorist organization takes over an entire navel base and there is no response from the Russians. In this movie, it’s an entire abandoned city that has become home for a great evil and the Russians are seemingly oblivious. Except for that one family. The one terrified family whose fear doesn’t seem to spur on the moth people to kill them.


No better way to start a movie than with a vertical video!

I’m trying to ignore the general unholiness of the movie because it’s too much to handle. Thus I concentrate on specific weird things.

Those “reactionary terrorists” in the beginning. Who the hell calls himself reactionary terrorist?! It’s not like the guy confessed to Wonderwoman in the beginning and tried to look repentant, he spoke his mind. It’s like calling yourself “religious fundamentalist” - you don’t do that, you call yourself true believer, and reactionary terrorists would call themselves defenders of traditional values or something. Madness!

Why do dead moth robots leave an imprint of those 3 power boxes? Why do moth robots kill Steppenwolf? Why do ancient civilizations called this guy a Steppenwolf? If this is a translation from ancient Atlantian why not Steppe Wolf? If this is from the name of heavy metal band or Herman Hesse book then what the hell? It may be answered in a comic but I don’t care about comics.

Why do they use some generic Russianogorodsk instead of Chernobyl? Because it’s clearly is Chernobyl.

Why does it end with Lex Luthor as a bigger evil? Our heroes had just defeated ancient galactic deity, and now their enemy is rich unstable criminal?


Uhhhhhhh. I definitely want to see this movie.


-What is that thing?
-We think you’re bugged.


Was Kelly Wand referring perhaps to this?


BUT! There actually was a DC/Looney Tunes crossover. For some reason. Batman/Elmer Fudd! Wonder Woman/Tasmanian Devil! Jonah Hex/Yosemite Sam! Martian Manhunter/Marvin the Martian!
Legion of Super Heroes/Bugs Bunny! And…Lobo/Road Runner?

It seems strange.


I got the wrong Fast and Furious. Darn it. I’m getting movie titles wrong a lot lately. Darn it. Fast and Furious 8. I believe it was in that movie where the terrorists were in control of an entire navel base. In my defense I’m dumb. :)


Wow. That’s so much better than Justice League.


No more weekly 3x3s?

I can understand that you are running out of topics, but i really liked having a lengthy segment that allowed you to talk about all types of movies… maybe something else will develop over time. Either way, thanks for the great podcast!


If it’s either change the format or lose it all, I’ll take change. I’m still with the others who say a long podcast is good, but can totally see it’s a biiiiig use of time for all concerned. Keep up the good work, guys, however you move forward.


The over/under method of talking about how much you liked the movie is a really great addition to the podcast that has lengthened it somewhat and sometimes leads to conversations that are similar to what the 3x3 does.

So I’m okay with this. I enjoy the weekly 3x3s, but doing whatever it takes to make the podcast enjoyable for you guys and not a burden is probably the most important thing you can do to continue making it enjoyable for everyone else.

Thanks for letting us eavesdrop on your movie conversations!